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Engaging With Customers Online


August 2010 Newsletter
By Dave Vanz

Conversion SitesChatter is all over the internet with people talking back and forth sharing their opinions and travels of everyday life.  Some of the chatter is around business and some is regarding the personal side of things.  
A while back I was speaking with a friend who was trying to use social media to drum up business with his audience in order to build his brand.  He posted motivational quotes, client product launches, and even small blurbs on how his company could help businesses increase their bottom line.  Post after post, no one responded to what he was saying (other than his business partner who simply did it to hopefully encourage others as well).  Then one day, he posted something completely different and a slew of responses from people came pouring in.  He didn't get it, and although it was nice to see people respond, he couldn't figure out why this post in particular got people talking and his other posts didn't.  
His post read "I have a lunch meeting with a client today who happens to be my 7 year old daughter".
To his surprise, that post opened up a door to engage with someone in his network he'd been trying to reach out to for quite some time.  The post worked because it was the first time my friend came across as a human.  
Social Media is the exact opposite of the advertising styles that many of us grew up being subject to.  Fancy sales pitches, TV commercials, magazine ads all center themselves around saying the perfect sales pitch in order to drop a client to their knees wanting whatever it is you're selling.  It requires zero conversation and only a response in the form of a purchase.  Problem is, over all these years and the sudden turn in tighter budgets, people have learned how to tune out sales pitches.  People are still spending money but they're doing it with the people they feel like they can relate to and trust.
Social Media is not about your sales pitch.  It's about conversation.  In order to start one, you need to curb your salesman-ness and simply be you.  People today invest their dollars in those they trust and relate to.

By Brent Nau
Internet Marketing Manager, SMT

Yahoo and MSN have moved one step closer to completing their search alliance. Yahoo announced that they are now performing limited tests with the Bing search algorithm and ad serving platform. Yahoo has stated that they are using the Bing search algorithm and paid search listings for up to 25% of Yahoo search traffic in the United States.  This test should last through July and into August. Yahoo expects that the full integration of the Bing search algorithm and paid search listings should happen before the holiday shopping season, but may be pushed to 2011. The new Bing crawler will launch October 1 and will be renamed to "bingbot". The "bingbot" will still honor the directives written for the "msnbot".

What does this new search alliance mean? Basically Yahoo is dumping their current search results and moving to the Bing search algorithm. The Bing search algorithm will power the web, image, and video search results on Yahoo. Bing will provide Yahoo the page title, description, URL, and any quick links. Yahoo will be using the page title and URL, but can shorten the description and has the option to display or not display the quick links. Yahoo will continue to supplement their lists with rich results, vertical search products (i.e. Yahoo! news),  search apps and site filters. Yahoo will also abandon their Panama ad serving platform and move to MSN Adcenter. 
Recent Experian Hitwise data has shown that Bing is capturing about 9.85% of all U.S. searches, with Yahoo at 14.37%, and Google at 71.65%. So this Yahoo / Bing search alliance will capture around 25% of the search market share.

This month we’d like to highlight one of Sales & Marketing Technologies’ clients, Attorney Charlie Draper, of Draper Law. Draper Law specializes in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Family Law, and Criminal Law. Charlie has been a Sales & Marketing Technologies' client since 2007. Charlie opened his practice in 1984 and has kept a clear focus on how he handles his business. It's very simple... Communicate and Educate. The Draper Law team prides themselves in taking a personal approach, interviewing and answering all of the client’s questions.  Communication is a large part of their business. Because they understand the difficult times and know that returning a call within 24 hours of a concerned client is always important.  But beyond communication, there is a high amount of emphasis placed on educating the client, giving them the confidence they need to know where they stand and how to approach the path they’re on.

Should you ever have the need for services in this area, we encourage you to contact Charlie. He has offices in Orlando, Kissimmee, and St. Cloud. The website is


Sales and Marketing Technologies is excited to announce our contract renewal with Naples, Marco Island and Everglades Convention and Visitors Bureau and there's no better way to announce that than with a warm recommendation from their Executive Director, Jack W. Wert:  "SMT has been our website and digital marketing partner for several years. They have been enormously helpful in optimizing our website, keeping us ranked high with the major search engines and have efficiently managed our PPC efforts. We recommend them highly to anyone looking for ways to maximize their web presence."  
This upcoming year is going to be fantastic, and we thank you, Jack, for letting us serve you! 


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