• Can't get enough leads or sales...
  • Lack of time to handle your marketing...
  • Not being found in the search engines...
  • Living with a website that you hate...
  • Keeping up with social media...
  • Sales slip away with no follow-up...

Get Your Business Back On Track

More Leads

Our state-of-the-art traffic generators will get your offers in front of the right customers for your business.

Better Follow-up

People get distracted. Our marketing systems don't. Stay on top of your follow-up by using sales automation.

More Sales

Research shows that 96% of prospects do buy eventually. Your marketing system will keep you in the game until they are ready.

We know integrating marketing and technology can be difficult...

At SMT, no technical expertise is required. We work with the technology every day… so you don't have to!
We've worked with over 4,500 companies in our 30 years in business. In that time, we've left no one behind. In fact, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. All our work is guaranteed.
At Sales & Marketing Technologies we'll treat your business like it is our own. If you are looking for an experienced partner that has your back, look no further…

You're In Good Company

Hear how we've helped clients succeed in the online marketplace

"We were struggling to increase site visits and convert those visitors into leads. SMT helped us clarify our message and value proposition. In less than a year, we had more than doubled our site traffic and increased our conversion rate!"

Jack McGrath President, Digitec Interactive

"Before hiring SMT we worked with four different developers and numerous other companies over the course of ten years. There were some reputable companies in that time and we had some limited success. However, nobody ever seemed to pull everything together for us. SMT is the first web company we’ve ever worked with that feels like a partnership. We’ve never once felt like a bother or that they were too busy to handle a situation. They take an interest, listen well, and offer solutions that help our business succeed. They are willing to think outside the box and are extremely reliable. I really can’t say enough about them. They have added more value to our organization than I would have ever expected. Perhaps the best part? SMT helped 10X our web sales in three years!"

Michael Killen, Amish Yard, Founder and President

Let's create the perfect marketing system
for your business

Here are the components...

  • Traffic
    SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing
  • Intake
    Websites, Funnels, and Online Stores
  • Follow up
    CRM System, Marketing Automation, and Email

Whether you need one component or a whole marketing system, Sales & Marketing Technologies is the right choice.

Better marketing is easy as...


Schedule A Call

This allows us to understand your business and your goals


Consult with a Pro

We work together to develop the best strategy for your business


Get Answers!

Let us give you specific recommendations on how to get more from your marketing

From reaching out to the right target audience to deals signed, sealed, and delivered.

Much of your marketing success is determined by how well your overall marketing system functions from end-to-end. Your overall marketing system is made up of a series of smaller marketing components which are designed for specific purposes like traffic generation, lead intake and follow up. Results suffer when these components are running stand alone or don’t work well together, or are missing a critical piece.


At SMT, we analyze your existing marketing system front to back. We fix any issues necessary to give you a optimal marketing system. Once your marketing system is up and running, you’ll see just how powerful your marketing can be. More leads and more sales… usually without spending more on advertising, hiring more sales reps or working longer hours.


An SMT marketing system can revolutionize the way you run your business. Going from a disorganized hodgepodge of sticky notes, Google docs, spreadsheets and “While You Were Out” messages to an organized, streamlined system where leads don't fall through the cracks. It all starts with finding your best prospects online, attracting them into your business, rapid follow up and powerful messaging to assist your sales team in closing deals.

See Where It Hurts…

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