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5 Types of Content That Can Grow Your Company

High-quality, relevant content truly is the key to success for reaching new audiences, engaging your current audience, and creating new business opportunities. But where do you start if you’ve never created content for your company before? What types of content can really help you move the needle? Here are five types of content that will give you maximum impact and return on investment for your business: 1. Dedicated Pages Your website is not only your portfolio and information hub for you...

5 Reasons Why Content Is So Important

Updated 11/6/17 Most business owners understand the importance of their website design, their branded social media pages, and even the idea of search engine optimization, but when it comes to content marketing or blogging , they can’t seem to pinpoint why it’s so important. In this article, we’ll hit on the top five reasons you should be creating content for your business. Whether that is through adding content to your existing web pages or starting up a news or ...

3 Different Facebook Advertising Options for Different Budgets

If you’ve never tried Facebook advertising for your business, you’re not alone. There are plenty of business owners who are worried about making the leap into social media advertising. However, Facebook advertising is one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your paid advertising strategy . With nearly 79% of Americans who use the internet engaging with Facebook in some capacity, it’s a great platform to utilize for advertising. Thankfully, Facebook has many different ad t...

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2018

As we enter into the fourth quarter of 2017, many businesses are already looking forward to 2018 and what they can expect to plan for in their marketing strategy. While some of these trends have emerged in 2017, or even the year before, you can expect to see them become more prominent in 2018. Here are five things that you should consider adding into your marketing strategy next year in order to stay ahead of the competition online. #1 Mobile-First Indexing Optimizing for mobile has been importa...

Do I Need a Website Redesign?

What parts of your website really matter to customers? Can I make do with what I have? Is it worth investing in a new website design? Is my website really affecting sales that much ? There are certain aspects of your web design that visitors absolutely care about and if they don’t get their needs met, they’re going to leave… almost immediately. There is no point in spending good marketing dollars driving people to your site if they are simply going to hit the back button right ...

Lead Intakes: The Critical Link to Tracking Your Marketing

Oftentimes, businesses don’t focus on how they’re capturing lead or customer information, if they are at all. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Why? You spend good money to generate leads for your business through marketing , advertising, promotions and networking – both online and offline. But without a consistent and systematic intake process, much of that money and those leads are lost. Here are the top three reasons you need to have an efficient intake proce...

LinkedIn's New Targeting Options Help You Zero in on Audiences

Earlier this year, LinkedIn announced a new feature being launched, called Matched Audiences, that would help business owners narrow down their targeting immensely. Matched Audiences began rolling out new categories for targeting including: Website Retargeting Account Targeting Contact Targeting Senior product manager Eva Chau said that Matched Audiences is now available for all LinkedIn advertising products including Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail and other native ad formats. With the addi...

5 Direct Response Strategies That Will Increase Engagement and Sales

Direct response marketing, is designed to evoke an immediate response and encourage potential customers to take a specific action, such as opting in to your email list, being directed to a landing page, calling for more information, or making a purchase. This type of marketing is highly trackable, uses compelling headlines and copy, targets a specific audience, makes a specific offer, and asks for a response. The key to using this type of marketing is to not get hung up on the initial interactio...

There Is No Free Lunch (The Real Cost of Open Source Software)

If you have WordPress, you better keep reading… Equifax Inc. just had their second massive security breach in four years, and according to the Apache Foundation it all stems from one main issue… …Open source software. Well, to be exact, it was the consumer credit reporting agency’s failure to install patches to Apache Struts – an open source framework used to build Java web applications. In a statement released Thursday Sept. 14 , the foundation said a vulnerability...

Google is Requiring Websites to Switch to HTTPS or Show Up as Non-Secure - Part 2

We had quite a few folks asking about last Tuesday's article on Google’s SSL threat, and they want to know what to do about it. For those who missed the article, here is a link to it... Here are a few FAQs on what it takes to secure your website... 1. Does it affect me? If you have a website, yes. 2. What does SSL do? In short, it encrypts the pages on your website. 3. Why would ...

Google is Requiring Websites to Switch to HTTPS or Show Up as Non-Secure - Part 1

If your website collects sensitive visitor information such as passwords, credit card information, or other personal data – be warned. Earlier this year, Google made changes that started to mark websites without HTTPS as non-secure on Google Chrome, Google’s own web browser that has 59.38% of the browser market share . That’s way above the second highest used browser, Safari, with only 14.88% market share. If you haven’t already made the switch to HTTPS and purchased an S...


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