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11 Sales Processes Businesses Should Automate

Not long ago, salespeople had to spend more than half of their time on tedious tasks like taking notes, logging calls and prioritizing leads. Sales automation now allows salespeople to spend more time actually selling. There are a variety of sales processes that businesses can automate to increase sales productivity. Your business doesn’t necessarily need to automate all of these sales processes depending on your needs and pain points, but it’s still helpful to see the opportunities ...

Everything You Need to Know About Keywords

Keywords may not be the cornerstone of search engine optimization SEO they once were, but they’re still an important factor of growing traffic. In earlier days, some digital marketers would overuse keywords on their website, known as keyword stuffing, to push their rankings higher on search engine results pages SERPs . Search engines have evolved, becoming much smarter and more efficient. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a savvy professional, we’ll break down everythi...

6 Content Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Content marketing can help you reach new audiences, engage your current audience, and generate leads or conversions. However, breaking through the digital noise is getting increasingly harder as more and more content is being produced. By avoiding these six common mistakes, your content marketing strategy will perform better thereby increasing your return on investment ROI . 1. Too focused on quantity. Instead of churning out content non-stop, take the time to develop thoughtful, well-rounded co...

5 Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaign’s Performance

It’s not enough to set up your pay-per-click PPC advertising campaign , you’ll need to monitor and optimize it on an ongoing basis if you want to improve its performance. Fortunately, there are steps you can take with your PPC campaign to achieve a higher return on investment ROI . Check out our five tips to see how you can enhance your PPC campaign’s performance. 1. Use negative keywords. Negative keywords are words or phrases that you DO NOT want your ads to show up for. By u...

When Does Google Update Its Algorithm?

An important activity of search engine optimization SEO is keeping track of Google’s algorithm updates because minor changes today can become major changes tomorrow. That’s not to say that you must change and optimize your website every time Google updates its algorithm but it’s helpful to be aware of what’s going on to ensure your website doesn’t disappear from search engine result pages SERPs . Not every algorithm update will affect your website but a big part of ...

10 Email Marketing Tactics That Increase ROI

While the main purpose of email marketing is to promote a business , it can be used for other objectives like cultivating relationships with potential customers, keeping customers informed and updated on the business, offering promotions to encourage customer loyalty, and more. Email marketing is like direct mail in that it creates a one-on-one interaction but it’s more cost-efficient and eco-friendly because the message is electronic rather than paper. Email marketing is also easier to me...

How Does a Website Redesign Help With Search Engine Rankings?

A website redesign benefits search engine optimization SEO in a variety of ways since websites and SEO are linked closely together. After all, SEO is the efforts to get a website or webpage ranking high on search engine results pages SERPs so it makes sense that redesigning a website would affect SERPs. From better user experience to technical improvements, a redesign can improve your website’s search engine rankings , helping your website to be found by more customers. Benefits of a Websi...

Top 5 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

Sharing links on Instagram can be a little tricky since it doesn’t allow clickable links in post captions or comments, however, there are other ways you can drive followers to your content. Check out our top five ways to share links on Instagram so you can increase traffic to your website and promote offers more effectively. 1. Add a Link to Your Bio The simplest way to share a clickable link on Instagram is in your profile’s bio. You can use the profile bio link for your websi...

4 Social Media Stats You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you create and share content on social media , it should align and support your marketing goals, however, misinformation and unrealistic expectations often undermine efforts to achieve those goals. The good news is that like other types of internet marketing, businesses have access to a wealth of social media data that they can use to reassess their strategy and make necessary changes. Check out these four social media stats from a recent study by The Sprout Social you shouldn’t ignor...

How to Collect More Reviews for Search Engine Optimization

As we’ve discussed in previous local search articles , reviews play an important role in search engine optimization SEO and attracting more customers. Not all reviews, however, are given equal weight by Google because depending on how the review was collected, where it came from, and who wrote it, your business can suffer negative consequences. There are good and bad practices for collecting more reviews. In this article, we’ll show you which practices you should avoid and the step...


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