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Top 5 Web Design Metrics to Consider

Updated 4/16/19 In the world of web design there are a lot of trends and fads that come and go, but some aspects of web design remain relevant and critical to any project. While staying up-to-date is important for aesthetic reasons, these metrics are the basics for user-experience UX . 1. Compatibility There are a few types of compatibility to take into account when analyzing this web metric. First of all, there is the obvious lesson that Internet Explorer has taught us, not all browsers behave ...

10 Amazing FAQ Page Examples and Why You Need One

Frequently asked question FAQ pages not only serve as a way for your audience to quickly find answers to the questions that they many have about your business or industry, but they also serve another important purpose – they can help your search engine optimization efforts. FAQ pages have been gaining traction as a marketing tool again with the growth in voice search, mobile search and personal/home assistants and speakers. That’s because these types of search results usually rely on...

Facebook to Add New Relevancy Metrics for Ads – How This Helps Your Campaigns

A few years ago, Facebook introduced the Relevance Score as an attempt to ‘grade’ your ads on how relevant they are to your target audience. Unfortunately, it was not always clear exactly how this scoring system worked and it left many users confused on how to improve their scores, which was a pretty big deal considering these scores seemed to have some impact on the performance of your Facebook ads. Now Facebook is rolling out a new system to show advertisers how their ads are perfo...

5 Ways to Simplify Your Complex Content

The goal is simple: sell more of your products or services. However, sometimes your product or service isn’t exactly the easiest thing to explain. If you have a complicated subject matter to cover, it can be tricky to find the ideal balance of explaining things in the simplest terms and not bore readers right off your website. So how do you make complex content or boring subjects easy to understand and exciting for your target audience? 1. Avoid Jargon/Complex Words Might seem like a no-br...

How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Increase Sales

Scarcity and urgency are valuable concepts in business, and how you incorporate them into your campaigns could be the difference between a success and failure. Scarcity is the understanding that a product or service is in short supply or that it will become unavailable to purchase in the near future. This often encourages action. For example, when there is a hot, new toy out on the market, parents race out to ensure they get one for their child. Urgency is the understanding t...

The Differences Between LinkedIn and Facebook for Business

Updated: 3/12/19 One of the first questions you should ask yourself when planning any marketing campaign is, Where does my target audience congregate? The answer to this question will usually help determine which platform you should use for marketing whether that’s a social media platform or not . Unfortunately, there are times when it is not 100% clear which platform is the best to use for marketing. For those times, a basic understanding of the available options can help. In this article...

How Combining Content Can Help Your Website’s Search Ranking

In a recent Webmaster Hangout, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller answered questions about when combining pages makes sense and when it doesn’t make sense, as well as some reasons why you should or shouldn’t do it. The basic breakdown from Mueller was this: Yes, merging weaker pages into a single page may result in a strong and more relevant web page in the eyes of Google. However, there are still certain rules to be followed, such as those pages must be com...

Google Plus is Going Away – But What Does That Mean?

It was announced towards the end of 2018 that Google would be shutting down their attempt at a social media network, Google Plus. Google Plus was a place where you could share status updates, photos, links, etc. – similarly to Facebook. Unfortunately for Google, it did not catch on as they’d hoped. Google Plus does not refer to your Gmail account, your Google Drive, YouTube, Google Analytics or any other Google service. It’s just referring to the social network. Everything else...

How to Choose the Right Offer for the Different Types of Traffic

There is a lot of planning that goes into running paid advertising - where to run your ads, what audience to target, and what creative to use. But perhaps the biggest question you’ll need to ask yourself is, What is my offer? The objective of your campaign and what type of relationship you’ve formed with your audience plays a huge part in deciding what type of offer to use. Every campaign you run should have a specific objective, whether it is to: Introduce your business to an audien...

Facebook Describes How Its Search Results Work

Google has long provided some insights into how their search rankings are determined, but Facebook has been another story. Now with the company taking steps to be more transparent, they’ve released a short explainer video with new details about how their search results work. Within the less than 2-minute long video, they crammed in a lot of information. Here’s what it revealed. How Does Facebook Search Work? Rather than based on various performance and quality efforts like Google, Fa...


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