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PPC Strategies to Supercharge Lead Generation

Pay-per-click PPC advertising has many uses beyond increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic — it’s also a powerful strategy for generating leads. Before setting up a lead generation campaign, it’s important to build a solid foundation for your strategy. Check out our PPC strategy tips for lead generation to attract and convert more prospects! PPC Strategy Tips to Generate More Leads PPC advertising is a fast way to generate leads, unlike search engine optimization...

Why Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs a Refresh

You shouldn’t set and forget a digital marketing strategy — it requires refreshing from time to time in order to provide value for your business. What worked before in your strategy doesn’t mean it’ll keep working forever. That’s why updating your digital marketing is essential to remain competitive online. Since we’re halfway through the year, now is a great time to check in with your strategy to see what is and isn’t driving results. This is particular...

Make More Sales By Improving Your Website's Internal Search

Improving your website’s internal search function not only enhances user experience, but also helps your business make more sales. Many e-commerce and B2B companies, however, overlook their internal search in their digital marketing strategy, resulting in missed conversions. See why internal search is essential for any business and ways to turn it into a sales generator. Why Internal Search is Important Few things are more frustrating for users than a website’s internal search that d...

Clubhouse Launches New Android App

Back in February, we explained the new social media app, Clubhouse , that’s available only on iOS devices — until now! That’s right, Android users around the world will be able to join the conversation. Here’s what you need to know about Clubhouse and what to expect with the Android app so you can take advantage of its networking possibilities. How the Clubhouse App Works Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app where users can chat in real-time with each other by joi...

Create B2B Buyer Personas for a Stronger Marketing Strategy

Creating B2B buyer personas will strengthen your marketing strategy because they allow you to understand your target audience and build lasting relationships. Personas can help your business in a variety of ways, from developing content that resonates with your ideal buyer to setting up pay-per-click campaigns with laser-focused targeting. Here’s what you need to know about buyer personas and important elements to include in yours to provide the most benefit to your B2B marketing strategy....

8 Email Marketing Best Practices for Great Campaigns

Email marketing offers numerous benefits like lead nurturing, sales, and customer retention, but with so many emails arriving in people’s mailboxes, you must use best practices to break through the clutter. Fortunately, email makes it easy to measure your return on investment ROI and metrics like click-through rates CTR , open rates, bounce rates, and conversions. This wealth of data allows you to optimize your campaigns for success. Check out these email marketing best practices to improv...

How to Start a Customer Referral Program for More Sales

When customers are happy with your product or service, they’re more likely to share it with others, which is why setting up a customer referral program is a great way to increase retention and boost sales . Additionally, having one will help you spend less time searching for leads and focus more on nurturing high-quality prospects. Give customers a nudge to spread the word about your business by starting a referral program ASAP. Building a Customer Referral Program A referral program is mo...

Using Google's New Core Web Vitals to Improve SEO

Google is all about helping users find the most relevant and quality websites, which is why in 2020 it announced new ranking signals for Google Search — ‘page experience.’ The page experience ranking signals will be gradually rolled out starting in mid-June 2021 originally set for May 2021 , but Google says there’s no immediate need to take action. Now is a great time to prepare and learn more about Google Search Console’s new Core Web Vitals report . By understandi...

Best KPIs to Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

Content marketing offers many benefits like building trust with customers, establishing authority, and increasing organic website traffic . That’s why it’s essential to track the proper key performance indicators KPIs to measure your content marketing's effectiveness so you’re not falling short on your goals. Check out the 10 KPIs you should be tracking to determine if your content marketing strategy is working — or needs adjustment. Where to Find KPI Data? Analytic...

5 Steps for Reaching Your Social Media Target Audience

An important component of crafting a social media marketing strategy is reaching your target audience. If you’re not providing your target audience with content that’s relevant to them, it’ll be harder to attract followers and drive engagement. However, in order to reach and grow your target audience, it’s crucial that you do research to set up your social media strategy for success. Here are five steps for reaching your audience to make your social media marketing more e...


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