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Web Development Tips for a Successful Website Launch or Redesign

Successfully launching a new website or redesign requires good web development practices, however, it can be easy to overlook those practices when a project deadline is fast approaching and things need to get done now . Here are some web development tips your team should follow when doing any major website project to ensure stellar results. 10 Web Development Tips for Website Launches Web development is crucial for a successful website launch which is why it’s important that your team does...

How Apple's Privacy Changes Will Impact Facebook Ads

In June 2020, Apple announced at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC privacy changes that will impact data sharing across iOS. Apple has stated it believes that privacy is a fundamental human right which is the reason behind the privacy changes. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s new privacy policies and how it will impact Facebook Ads. What Are Apple’s New Privacy Changes? The first privacy change will require App Store product pages to feature a new pr...

Increasing Employee Involvement in Social Media Marketing

Many businesses these days understand the value of social media marketing , but one area that they often don’t take advantage of enough is employee advocacy. Getting employees more involved in social media marketing offers a lot of value like increasing brand engagement, winning new customers, and recruiting talent. However, your employees first have to understand social media, why it’s useful, and how they can help so your business may benefit from their involvement. 7 Tips to Inspi...

How to Improve Content Marketing in 2021

Content marketing in 2021 will continue to be crucial for an effective digital marketing strategy, whether it’s improving your website’s SEO or increasing conversions like purchases and form submissions. However, if you’re not actively improving your content, then you may not be reaping all of its benefits. That’s why Sales & Marketing Technologies has compiled seven tips to help make your content marketing more successful in 2021. Let’s get started! 7 Tips for ...

What Does an SEO Audit Involve?

Achieving top rankings in Google search results for keywords that are relevant to your business is only possible if you know what’s going on with your website which is why regular SEO audits are essential. An SEO audit allows you to better understand where your website stands in terms of getting ranked in search engine results and being found online. But what does an SEO audit involve, exactly? In this article, you’ll learn about the SEO audit process so you can see how it can help y...

Leverage Social Proof to Power Up Your Digital Marketing

Using social proof in digital marketing is effective for inspiring confidence in your business, product, or service. Not only does it boost your credibility online, but it can also convert apprehensive prospects into customers. According to a Bizrate Insights survey , 92% of potential shoppers read at least one review prior to making a purchase. See how you can leverage social proof to power up your digital marketing! What is Social Proof? Coined by psychologist and author Robert Cialdini, ̵...

Building Your Email List with Lead Magnets

There are a variety of ways you can build your email list like website popups, discount codes, contests, and of course, lead magnets. Creating enticing lead magnets are an effective way to generate more leads and build your email list, which you can in turn leverage to drive more conversions like purchases, consultations, demos, and more. Learn more about lead magnets and the benefits of email list building for customer acquisition and retention. Lead Magnet Definition A lead magnet is an offer ...

8 Tips to Keep Visitors on Your Website for Longer

Keeping visitors on your website for longer is typically a good thing for increasing conversions like a purchase, form submission, email signup, etc. Recently, we wrote a blog post on which metrics you should monitor if you want to increase visitors' time on your website. After you’ve gathered data through analytics and identified page opportunities for improvement, next you’ll need to make any necessary website updates to keep visitors from bouncing. Ways to Improve Your WebsiteR...

Facebook Ads: Defining Your Target Audience

You can have amazing ad copy and imagery, but if you haven’t properly defined your target audience, then your Facebook ads won’t deliver the kind of results you want. Before launching a campaign , make sure to understand Facebook audiences and targeting so you’ll be able to define the right target audience for an effective campaign. Learn about Facebook audiences and targeting to see how you can optimize your campaign! Facebook Ads Audiences Defining your target audience is ess...

Digital Marketing Tactics for the Holidays

Is your digital marketing ready for holiday shopping? Now is a perfect time to start implementing holiday digital marketing tactics that will help boost your sales. According to an October 2020 holiday consumer survey , Consumers plan to spend $998 on average on items such as gifts, food, decorations and other holiday-related purchases for themselves and their families. Source: National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics Don’t wait until the last minute to start plannin...


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