Marketing Automation

The Biggest Advantages of Marketing Automation

While there are certain marketing tasks that require a human touch, many processes can benefit from marketing automation which can lift sales and lower customer acquisition costs. By using marketing automation software, your business can streamline, automate, and measure your marketing tasks and workflows to increase their effectiveness and grow revenue faster. See the advantages of marketing automation below to get an idea of how your business can communicate more effectively with leads and nur...

Types of Automated Emails to Keep More Customers

If you're not sending automated emails to customers, you can end up losing repeat sales which makes it more difficult for your business to grow. After all, studies have revealed that investing in new customers is between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining existing ones. Email automation is a cost-effective tool to build customer relationships rather than letting them fizzle out. Below are different types of automated emails you can send after a sale to help your business keep more cust...

10 Email Marketing Tactics That Increase ROI

While the main purpose of email marketing is to promote a business , it can be used for other objectives like cultivating relationships with potential customers, keeping customers informed and updated on the business, offering promotions to encourage customer loyalty, and more. Email marketing is like direct mail in that it creates a one-on-one interaction but it’s more cost-efficient and eco-friendly because the message is electronic rather than paper. Email marketing is also easier to me...

How to Double Your Sales This Year

Doubling your sales in a year can seem like a daunting task: especially, in the beginning of the year, if you look at the whole year’s goal. Your brain naturally locks up at the enormous task lying before it. For this reason, we recommend you don’t do that. Instead, we recommend you take two pieces of advice from two great marketers, Jay Abraham and Darren Hardy . Advice from Jay Abraham… He said, there are only 3 ways to grow your business: 1. Find more customers 2. Get your c...

Lead Intakes: The Critical Link to Tracking Your Marketing

Oftentimes, businesses don’t focus on how they’re capturing lead or customer information, if they are at all. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Why? You spend good money to generate leads for your business through marketing , advertising, promotions and networking – both online and offline. But without a consistent and systematic intake process, much of that money and those leads are lost. Here are the top three reasons you need to have an efficient intake proce...

How to Design Campaigns for the Non-Buyers with Retargeting

Of course we’d love to believe that every person who comes in contact with our business follows a specific and direct path to purchase. They visit our website, read our content or download a helpful guide, and immediately decide to hand over their credit card to purchase our product or service. But that’s not always the reality… The customer journey is often much more complex. Most studies say that anywhere from 95-99% of your website traffic clicks away before ever completing ...

One Easy Way to Increase the Value of Your Offer

If you have read some of our Tips & Trends articles in the past, you may have seen us refer to Lead Magnets, Tripwires, or Profit Maximizer Offers. These are industry terms for different types of offers that can come from your business. Here is the breakdown of those terms and how they take your customers through your sales funnel. Lead Magnets Lead Magnets are usually the first step in the process to draw in new leads. They are usually free and can include informational or helpful materials...

How to Get More Leads from Your Landing Pages

Many businesses are investing heavily to drive traffic to their landing pages in hopes of garnering more leads, sales, and email subscribers. To maximize your investment you need a top converting landing page. Here are a few tips to make better landing pages: Contemplate Your Content From The User’s Perspective Think of content as what you use to get your message across. That could be mainly words, it could be images, it could be video; it could even be audio or animation. The amount of co...

5 Secrets to Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More

Acquiring new customers is a time and resource intensive process – advertising to them , learning what they’re interested in, and enticing them to purchase. In fact, it takes on average 5 times as much to get a new customer in the door than to get an existing customer to purchase from you again. So how can you keep your current customers coming back for more? Using Marketing Automation to Build Relationships Marketing automation offers you powerful insights into what your existing cu...

Don't Leave Money on the Table – Website Conversion Tactics Post-Sale

Many businesses spend a lot of time, hard work and money in order to attract new visitors to their websites. Of those new visitors, some decide to leave the website while others take an action or "convert" into a lead by filling out the contact form, making a purchase or placing a phone call to inquire about more information or to engage your services. In a typical sales scenario, you answer your prospect’s questions, make the sale and that would be the end of the customer purchase cycle; ...

The Biggest Difference Between Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

MailChimp takes on Infusionsoft It is the difference between a bicycle and a Ferrari… it is the difference between communication and money… it is the difference between a shore wave and a swell… but enough of the analogies... Yes, both Infusionsoft and MailChimp and similar systems like Constant Contact , have some basic similar features when it comes to email marketing, and that’s about where it stops. Even most smart marketers don’t yet realize there are major dif...

What Is Marketing Automation? Is It for You and Your Business?

Marketing Automation Sure, you’ve heard the term, but it’s likely you don’t exactly know what this trend is and what it means for you and your business. In this article, we will educate you on what exactly marketing automation is and how it will affect your business. If you want to skip to the end, here’s what you’ll learn… marketing automation saves you time and makes you money. Keep reading if you want to know how. Marketing Automation Defined In...

Keeping the Peace: Integrating Sales and Marketing Systems

For many years, businesses have been trying to get marketing and sales to work together. Like oil and water they didn’t mix. It was marketing’s job to bring in the prospects and sales' job to close them. Unfortunately, sales complained about the "low quality" leads marketing was delivering and marketing complained about the sales team’s inability to close business. Good news! Thanks to things like social media marketing and the latest advances in marketing and sales automation,...


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