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Resolve Common Bottlenecks with Business Process Automation

As your business grows, so too will its bottlenecks if left unchecked. That’s why ‘business process automation’ is crucial for removing or minimizing bottlenecks to help your business and employees flourish. By implementing automation technology into operations, you'll be able to better serve customers, improve employee output, and boost profits. See how automation can resolve five common bottlenecks, leading to more efficient and effective business processes. What is Business ...

How to Start a Customer Referral Program for More Sales

When customers are happy with your product or service, they’re more likely to share it with others, which is why setting up a customer referral program is a great way to increase retention and boost sales . Additionally, having one will help you spend less time searching for leads and focus more on nurturing high-quality prospects. Give customers a nudge to spread the word about your business by starting a referral program ASAP. Building a Customer Referral Program A referral program is mo...

11 Ways To Improve Your Business With Sales Automation

Not long ago, salespeople had to spend more than half of their time on tedious tasks like taking notes, logging calls and prioritizing leads. Sales automation now allows salespeople to spend more time actually selling. There are a variety of sales processes that businesses can automate to increase sales productivity. Your business doesn’t necessarily need to automate all of these sales processes depending on your needs and pain points, but it’s still helpful to see the opportunities ...

Why CRM Software is Crucial For B2B Sales

Customer relationship management CRM software offers many benefits for B2B sales like being able to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, improve customer relationships, and retain customers. All of which, of course, drive sales growth. Check out the five signs that your B2B sales team needs CRM software! Top 5 Signs You Need CRM Software By automating certain processes with CRM software, businesses can increase productivity while providing actual v...

Increase Referrals By Setting Up a Referral Marketing Program

Sitting around hoping that customers will refer your product or service to their family, friends, and audience isn’t an effective strategy, but setting up a referral marketing program is! Assuming you have a product or service that impresses customers, they’ll be happy to spread the word when given the right motivation. See how to set up a referral marketing program to increase your customers and sales. How to Set Up a Referral Marketing Program Referral programs look different for e...

Sales Automation Tips for Successful Trade Shows

Trade shows are an effective promotional tactic to gain more quality leads and generate new business, especially when sales automation is used. B2B brands, in particular, can benefit from trade show marketing as it allows them to have valuable face-to-face time with prospects to explain their products and services in a more personal manner which they don’t often get to do. Trade show costs, however, like the booth rental, travel costs, and displays can quickly climb which is why it’s...

How to Get More Referrals: Setting Up a Referral Program

Before we delve into the logistics of setting up a referral program, take a second to think about the first place you turn to when you’re looking to purchase a new product or service. Usually you turn to a friend or family for a recommendation. In fact, a study by Nielsen showed that people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend . Another study done by the Wharton School of Business discovered that the average lifetime value for a new referral client is 16% higher than no...

How to Craft the Perfect Voicemail Script to Get More Callbacks

According to sales strategist, Jill Konrath, 97% of all business calls now go to voicemail – making your sales voicemail increasingly important. But I know what you’re thinking, Do prospects even listen to my voicemail? Will they ever call me back? Well, honestly, most of the time – No. However, although voicemail has a much lower response rate than other types of communication, such as email – what you lose in quantity, you gain in quality. That’s because voicemail...

3 Ways to Tell If Your CRM Is Working Optimally

Whether you are a Customer Relationship Management CRM newbie or veteran, a CRM is one tool that can really change the way you do business. What is a CRM? According to TechTarget , a CRM tool is technology that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships, assisting in retention, and driving sales growth. The benefits of a CRM include: Organization - Consolidating customer and prospect data...

5 Ways to Know You Need a CRM

No matter how proficient you are at keeping notes, setting reminders, or checking your calendar, almost everyone has at least one memory of not doing any of that and forgetting to call a potential customer, forgetting about that meeting, or forgetting your past conversations with someone. Your customer is the most important stakeholder in your business, which makes managing your relationship with them the most important thing you can do. And the old ways of doing this just aren’t effective...

How to Create a Killer Sales Dashboard

Business owners know it is critically important to keep up with what is going on in the sales department of your company. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Some companies do their best to keep up using reports, spreadsheets and emails. Tracking sales like this can be a time consuming mess. What is worse, you could wind up looking at outdated information that could be weeks old. Now there is a better way. Live Data Sales Dashboards Live Data Sales Dashboards are so useful because they...

Cleaning up at Trade Shows

With the display, booth costs, travel, hotel, etc., trade shows can be a relatively expensive way to meet prospects. With this in mind, leads can be like gold. It is critical to capture every lead you can in order to make your trade show worth the investment. Before you go to the show you want to decide: A. Are you going for volume? The most leads. A great way to build up your mailing list. Or... B. Are you going to focus on capturing just the right prospects? Spending quality time. This is a gr...

Make the Most of Trade Shows with Sales Automation

There are many benefits to exhibiting at trade shows , including getting quality face-to-face time with your potential customers, a desirable advantage in today’s market. Being physically present gives B2B companies an opportunity to build relationships with clients and prospects. It also offers the chance to compare how well your business stacks up against other players on the showroom floor. Trade shows and events can get expensive though, with booth and travel costs, per diems, displ...

Trouble Hitting Your Sales Goals? Maybe You Are Using The Wrong Number

Lots of companies give salespeople dollar goals to hit. While that is certainly one way to do it, in some cases it can be counter productive. After years of trying different sales goals, we finally found an approach that got better results across the board. Here is what we did... 1. We separated marketing goals from sales goals. We gave each team their own goals where they are totally accountable. 2. We gave our marketing team a goal of X number of inbound sales leads to generate per week. We se...


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