How to Create a Killer Sales Dashboard

October 24, 2016

Business owners know it is critically important to keep up with what is going on in the sales department of your company. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. Some companies do their best to keep up using reports, spreadsheets and emails. Tracking sales like this can be a time consuming mess. What is worse, you could wind up looking at outdated information that could be weeks old. Now there is a better way.

Live Data Sales Dashboards

Live Data Sales Dashboards are so useful because they provide real time data-driven answers to specific questions with the click of a button.

You can answer questions such as:

  • How are sales going today?

  • How many new sales opportunities came in today?

  • How effective is our team’s sales activities now?

  • Are we on track to meet our sales goals?

  • Which reps are performing the best?

  • Is my current pipeline sufficient or do we need to drive more leads?

  • Which products and campaigns are bringing in the most business?

  • And more…

Live Data Sales Dashboards for Small Businesses

To get live data feeds you need cloud-based products like Graphly or Grow.


Graphly can show you data straight out of Infusionsoft via pre-built widgets that can give you more than 50 report templates. Just choose your template, select your graph type, set or adjust the parameters, and click save. It also offers other ways to customize your reporting such as resizable widgets and custom charts and graphs.


Products like Grow can stream live data straight from a variety of sources. It can stream data from Facebook, to let you know about how well your ads are doing, or you can stream data from your contact relationship management system (CRM), to see how many leads and sales are coming in.

Identify where your sales process is most effective and where it needs the most help with a killer sales dashboard like the ones listed above. Stop wondering how you could increase efficiency and start finding out exactly where you can improve.

No matter your role on your sales team, dashboards can make your life easier by uncovering opportunities for improvement with minimal effort spent searching for data and compiling reports.

If you’d like help setting up your dream sales dashboard, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today at (407) 682-2222 or use the contact form below.

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