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How Does a Website Redesign Help With Search Engine Rankings?

A website redesign benefits search engine optimization SEO in a variety of ways since websites and SEO are linked closely together. After all, SEO is the efforts to get a website or webpage ranking high on search engine results pages SERPs so it makes sense that redesigning a website would affect SERPs. From better user experience to technical improvements, a redesign can improve your website’s search engine rankings , helping your website to be found by more customers. Benefits of a Websi...

Top 5 Web Design Metrics to Consider

Updated 4/16/19 In the world of web design there are a lot of trends and fads that come and go, but some aspects of web design remain relevant and critical to any project. While staying up-to-date is important for aesthetic reasons, these metrics are the basics for user-experience UX . 1. Compatibility There are a few types of compatibility to take into account when analyzing this web metric. First of all, there is the obvious lesson that Internet Explorer has taught us, not all browsers behave ...

10 Amazing FAQ Page Examples and Why You Need One

Frequently asked question FAQ pages not only serve as a way for your audience to quickly find answers to the questions that they many have about your business or industry, but they also serve another important purpose – they can help your search engine optimization efforts. FAQ pages have been gaining traction as a marketing tool again with the growth in voice search, mobile search and personal/home assistants and speakers. That’s because these types of search results usually rely on...

7 Tips for Creating Sign Up Forms that Convert

What do you need on your website in order to increase leads and conversions? A way to sign up or purchase! Sign up forms not only increase leads, but they also help businesses grow their mailing lists and learn more about the people interested in their company. And while they only take a few minutes to set up, they could actually have a much larger role to play in how well your pages perform. By the end of this article, you will know how to create an impactful sign up form for your website and w...

Do I Need a Website Redesign?

What parts of your website really matter to customers? Can I make do with what I have? Is it worth investing in a new website design? Is my website really affecting sales that much ? There are certain aspects of your web design that visitors absolutely care about and if they don’t get their needs met, they’re going to leave… almost immediately. There is no point in spending good marketing dollars driving people to your site if they are simply going to hit the back button right ...

3 Top Factors That Affect Bounce Rate on Your Website

Most business owners or marketers that track their website’s success have probably heard of a term called ‘bounce rate’. Bounce rate measures the percentage of visitors who clicked away from your website back to search or to another website right after they first landed on your website. When you have a high bounce rate and customers ‘click and go’, search engines begin to look at your content’s quality as questionable and your rankings can suffer. With this in...

How To Pick A Winning Web Design Template

When it comes to picking a winning web design, there’s no one perfect template that will work for every business. But there are certain aspects of a web design that are essential in order for your business to succeed where it matters the most – conversions. Design features will change depending on whether you are working on a website or a landing page. Today, we are discussing websites. So, for a winning website design, consider the following: 1. Choose a Design that Speaks to Your A...

5 Ways to Optimize Your Site Navigation for Better Conversions

You may not realize it, but your website navigation plays a huge role in the success of your website in converting visitors. And this doesn’t just apply to the navigation on your homepage. Nearly 50% of visitors who arrive at an internal page of your site use the navigation menu to adjust themselves. Your website navigation should give your visitors enough options to find what they’re looking for, but not too many that they get lost or overwhelmed. In this article, we will look at fi...

1-Minute Landing Page Checklist

Crafting a captivating and convincing landing page isn’t as easy as throwing an offer up and driving traffic to it. There are several different components that go into creating a landing page that speaks to your audience and drives them to take action. And while there is an incredible amount of variation among audience, purpose, intent, product, angle, focus, industry, niche, perception, buy-in, cost, messaging, value proposition, testimonial approach, shipping method, and a host of other ...

3 Critical Steps for Optimizing Your Responsive Website

Responsive design has come a long way since it started being implemented as a popular form of web design to merge desktop and mobile versions of a website into one, easily maintained design. And thanks to Google’s mobile-friendly updates over the past year, it became more important than ever to figure it out. But while responsive design is the one of the best ways to create a cohesive design across a myriad of devices, it also requires skillful optimization in order to be effective. Care...

Learning to Use CSS Attribute Selectors

CSS Attribute Selectors have been around since CSS2 and expanded as part of CSS3, compatible in all browsers excluding IE6 . Even though they are not new, they continue to be overlooked and under used. Using CSS Attribute Selectors is good practice because you can: Target and style specific attributes / values without adding additional code to markup Maintain more semantic code Update style without needing to access markup With CSS Attribute Selectors it is possible to style specific attributes ...

Does Your Website Have a Responsive Web Design?

Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the site content was poorly formatted or off the page? You tried to make the best of it… by scrolling left to right, top to bottom – but the site is just aggravating. Even worse, on mobile devices or a tablet, such as a smartphone or iPad, the site doesn’t show at all. This is very bad for your customers, as they are most likely going to find another business to service them. But how can we guarantee an exceptional web experience...

How NOT to Use Videos on Your Website

Using videos in your content marketing strategy is becoming even more important in 2015. With social media sites, such as Facebook, pushing video content to the forefront, it is a great way to gather customer attention and provide additional information. The same is true for your website. Video content can help reduce your bounce rate while increasing time spent on your website, which in turn helps your search engine rankings. However, if this is not implemented properly, it can have negative ef...

Top Questions Your Web Designer Will Ask You

When you begin working with a web designer at an Orlando web design company , there are some common questions they may ask in order to present you a mockup that you’ll enjoy and that is suited for your business. By knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time you can save time during the beginning stages of the design process. Favorite Websites in Your Niche Unless your business is breaking into a brand new niche, there are websites out there that you probably think have a good sty...

Switch to Responsive Design or Risk Google Search Rankings

You may have heard a lot about mobile-friendly or responsive design in the past year or so, but how important is it for Google and search rankings? Well, Google’s recent announcement on Webmaster Central has finally confirmed what we’ve been preparing for. What Google Has to Say The announcement from Google has confirmed what we’ve already been saying; that having a mobile-friendly website is essential to a successful SEO strategy. Google’s exact quote was, Starting April...

How to Update Your Website Without Devastating Your SEO

Whenever one of our clients is going through a website redesign, we have to pay special attention to ensuring that our search engine optimization SEO efforts don’t get thrown to the wayside. This is much easier if our web development team is handling the redesign, as we can work closely with them to ensure everything transfers smoothly. However, that’s not always the case. In the event that another company is handling your redesign, you want to make sure that they can handle the SEO ...

Building a Website Worth Visiting

While surfing the web you may have come across websites that were unattractive or uninformative and they left a bad taste in your mouth as you click the back button to find another site. As a brand, your website is not only often your first impression but it is also an important way to build a relationship with these potential or current customers. Your website needs to attract customers visually and the content on your site needs to speak to your customers and encourage them to choose your busi...

Five Tips to Assess Your Website's Ability to Convert Visitors

When people visit your website, they are seeking information. In this day of instant information, a consumer is going to quickly scan your website to determine if your products and/or services are right for them. Spend a moment to take a step back and evaluate: Does your website convey a professional image of your company? If your website doesn't convey what your business does, then your website isn't doing its job. Having a professional website design and layout is essential to the success of y...


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