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You have your website and now it needs changes or updates. Do you take the time to handle it yourself or do you hire a professional web design company to handle your website maintenance?

For most businesses, it just does not make economic sense to try to handle updates to their website by themselves. That’s where Sales & Marketing Technologies comes in. We have the experience to handle anything from a very minor update to a major upgrade. We offer experienced and professional website maintenance to keep your website current and relevant and we’re available by both email and phone.

We’ll handle all this and more for you:

  • New or update forms
  • New pages
  • New calls-to-action
  • Add photos or graphics
  • Text re-writes
  • Updates to calendars or events
  • Update blogs
  • Update or remove products and services
  • We test every change before it goes live
  • Create Backups so nothing is lost

Why should you use SMT for your web maintenance?

  • Leave your staff to do what their trained for, not for updating your website.
  • Maintain a uniform, professional look for your website.
  • The staff as SMT is detail-oriented and will not let mistakes or flaws show up in your website.
  • It is convenient for you and your business.

At Sales & Marketing Technologies, we have managed and marketed websites for thousands of companies. We can do the same for you. From simple tweaks, to complete redesigns, we’re here for you.

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