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Founded in 2001, Reflectx Services' goal was to create a "Positively Different" healthcare staffing company. They've since been able to help schools, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, and various healthcare providers secure adequate staffing on an interim and permanent basis. The company was named 11th fastest growing small business in Entrepreneur magazine's "Hot 500" list in 2007.


Daryl Dixon, CEO and President of Reflectx Services, needed a trusted technology partner from the start of his business. He searched for an online resource for launching his dreams.


  • Designed a appealing and easy to use website for employers and employees alike.     
  • Developed website to accommodate job search functionality and employee search capabilities.       
  • Created custom coding which was needed to create their vision for the new company.     
  • Optimized website for search engines, allowing it to be easily found online; helping companies and employees to find each other and create jobs to better serve their communities.


In the seven years since the start of working with Sales & Marketing Technologies, Reflectx Services went from zero to more than $18 million in revenue. SMT stayed with Reflectx over the years, making sure its website evolved to meet the company’s growing needs. SMT is currently working on two new sites for Reflectx to support current large business expansions.

Daryl Dixon has spoken with us about his experiences working with SMT over the years and shared his feeling about his successes. "I owe my company's success to the tremendously talented SMT team. Had I not affiliated with them at my business' start-up, I am confident I would not be in business today," said Dixon.

About Reflectx Services:

Reflectx Services is a national healthcare staffing firm serving more than 1000 clients. Reflectx has a medical staffing network that services the entire United States, providing qualified professionals for numerous occupations and clients, including hospitals, clinics, physician offices and schools. Reflectx Services, a division of Maxim Health Care, has annual sales of more than $18 million.

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