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Video Search Marketing

When you perform a search on one of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or MSN you’re getting back more than just search results from web pages you’re also getting images, blogs, news sources, products and videos.  It is extremely important, at this point in the search engine game, if your company is going to have an effective online marketing campaign that you include all aspects of search which means adding video search marketing to your plan.

Video marketing utilizes the power of your specific message to create quality videos that turn visitors into clients of your business.

The truth is … Promotional videos are important if your business is going to survive in the future of the internet. Businesses that begin to engage their customers and are able to keep their marketing message in front of the customer longer through video marketing will be the ones at the top of their industry.


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Video Search is Growing and is the Place to have your Company Now!
According to ComScore nearly 132 million Americans viewed online streaming video in May 2007.

Findings from the ComScore Video Metrix include:

  • Online video viewers watched an average of 158 minutes of streaming video per month
  • 35% U.S. Internet users streamed video on a Google-owned company.
  • The average video duration was 2.5 minutes.
  • The average online video viewer watched a little over two videos per day

The internet is currently in the process of turning from a passive reading medium to an active visual medium. Online videos are the best way yet to turn a web surfer into a captive member of your audience who will actively participate with your marketing message.

SMT can help you turn that scanner into a viewer and then that viewer to a conversion!

Can a Promotional Video Help My Business?

A quality marketing video can be used to convert visitors to leads, sales and publicity for your business, if it’s done the right way.

The biggest problem for a business that wants to start using video search marketing is just knowing where to begin. There are many things to consider when creating a successful online video strategy.

Here are a couple quick questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Do I have the knowledge and equipment to produce a quality video?
  2. Do I know what type of video my potential customers will be looking for and what will drive their interest in my product or service?
  3. Do I know how to get these videos where people will see them?

Remember, the point of VSEO is to produce conversions for your business. Each video needs to be planned and created for that purpose.

That’s where SMT comes in.

Contact SMT to help you achieve breakthrough results from the Internet.

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