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Sell your products, without all the hassle

Looking for a reputable company to build your E-Commerce website in Orlando? SMT has created custom E-Commerce platforms for retailers and franchises for over a decade. In this time, we have developed a robust e-commerce platform with the understanding that every online store must accomplish the same essential tasks − sell their products in an easy and user-friendly way. However, each website must be executed in a way that fits the individual requirements and specifications of each client. A store that sells apparel would need to be structured differently from one that sells car parts, for example.

With this knowledge, we created our base platform, which integrates the common features and requirements of all online stores into a highly customizable system.

Our basic e-commerce platform includes:

  • Update, Edit, Add & Remove Products Easily
  • Upload Product Images
  • Product Details & Descriptions in WYSIWYG Editor
  • Order Quantity, and Custom Attributes such as Color, Size & More
  • Robust Search Functionality
  • Integrated Shopping Cart
  • Client Account Registration for Repeat Shoppers
  • Payment Integration Options
  • Shipping Tracking System
  • Order and Sales Reporting
  • Flat Rate Shipping Fee Management Tool
  • Zip-Code-based Integrated Sales Tax Collection
  • Coupon, Promotion Code & Bulk Order Discounts

After the basic e-commerce platform, we can customize your e-commerce solution based on shipping requirements, taxation, product attributes, discount options and promotion types. Asking these questions upfront gives us the opportunity to completely understand your needs and ensure we deliver.

Additionally, no matter how good the platform, if your products aren’t found online, they won’t sell online. SMT has extensive experience in lead generation and search engine optimization. Our e-commerce solutions leverage the various technologies available online, allowing our clients to gather leads and get quality traffic.

Contact SMT today for your FREE consultation at 407-682-2222 or request an appointment to discuss your custom e-commerce programming needs online.

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