PPCs are the Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Search Traffic to Your Site!
Attract the right visitors with a well planned and executed PPC campaign.

Don't waste
your marketing
budget by...

  • Spending money on visitors that aren't seeking you out
  • Paying for prospects beyond the geographical areas that you serve
  • Investing in strategies with no guaranteed visitor traffic
  • Betting on marketing methods that cannot be tracked
  • Writing copy for search engines instead of actual buyers

With a properly researched and carefully deployed Pay Per Click (PPC campaign) you can have:

Results and Data

Promote your business within a specific target market and collect valuable data to continually improve your results.

Targeted Visitors

Attract your ideal customer and guide them through your process with perfectly crafted keywords.

More Control

Control your budget and get better results than with organic SEO or social media advertizing.

The Fastest Way to Attract Visitors Looking for Your Products or Services

At Sales & Marketing Technologies, our experienced and certified Orlando based PPC professionals do the research necessary to know what keywords, ads, and bids will be best for your PPC campaign.
Our skilled PPC specialists will personally track your account to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.
We manage all aspects of your PPC strategy for you, from account creation to keyword research, web site analysis, ad copy creation, keyword buys, and campaign reporting.

Growing sales is as easy as...


Review Plan

Review the details of our proven PPC process


Order Service

Submit your order and answer a few questions about your business.



We'll take care of launching and monitoring your PPC campaign.