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Which Should You Use: Google or Facebook for Retargeting?

Have you ever visited a website and then suddenly you start seeing ads for that company all across the web? This phenomenon is called retargeting or remarketing . Your customers don’t always buy something the first time they visit your website or click on your ad. Depending on their stage in the buying process, they could continue to do research or think over the idea before making a purchase. However, you can assume they’re somewhat interested if they visited your website. There are...

5 Tips for Growing Your Retargeting List with PPC

Whether you are looking to expand your list for email marketing, Facebook retargeting , or even for pay-per-click PPC remarketing, growing your list via paid channels gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively add more leads into your funnel. In order to get these leads, your PPC campaigns will need to be on point. Keywords will need to be meticulously chosen, ad copy will need to be cleverly written, and budgets and other settings will need to be carefully adjusted. And even when you ...

Google's New Ad Structure... Will You Pay More?

A major shift in the way Google displays its advertising took place this past week. Google began phasing out the right hand or sidebar ads and instead are now featuring 1-4 ads at the top of the page, placing three more at the bottom of the results page. Google has confirmed that the change is now rolling out to all searches, in all languages, worldwide. Ads will not appear on the right side of desktop search results, with two exceptions: Product Listing Ad PLA boxes , which show either above or...

How Landing Page Optimization Leads to PPC Campaign Success

Pay Per Click PPC campaigns require a lot of work and coordination to have them work properly and bring in more traffic and leads. This includes the landing pages that you are sending the traffic to. If you want to convert that traffic, you’ll need to optimize these pages correctly. You could have the best ads and be targeting the correct keywords, but if you are sending traffic to a landing page that isn’t properly enhanced you aren’t going to convert any traffic. Here are the...

Is Your PPC Campaign Ready for Mobile?

According to a report from eMarketer, U.S. mobile search ad spending was projected to have grown by 83 percent in 2014. We’ve talked before about how Google’s algorithm is soon to be taking a switch to rewarding mobile-friendly websites in their search rankings, but is your Pay Per Click PPC campaign ready for the mobile shift as well? With more and more competition getting into the mobile advertising game and cost-per-acquisition continuing to rise, the best way to combat this trend...

Why PPC Should Be a No-Brainer for 2015

As competition for organic search results grows fiercer, pay-per-click PPC can offer a supplemental option to increase search visibility. Used alongside search engine optimization SEO , PPC can gain your brand or business more real estate in search engine results -- and if you’re not there, your competition will be. Here are some reasons PPC marketing is worth the investment: You set the budget. You control the costs. Setting a budget for PPC isn’t always easy to master, but thankful...

How to Determine Your PPC Budget

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is a very valuable part of a successful marketing strategy. While Search Engine Optimization SEO results can take a while before starting to show, PPC results are usually much quicker and can even help find valuable data for your SEO strategy. However, PPC does mean that you're paying for every click coming from your ads in search engines like Google and Bing. So how do you know how much of your marketing budget to set aside for PPC? When determining the size of your PPC b...

Tips If Your Domain Name Is Too Long For Google PPC

Recently, we had a client that was very interested in launching an aggressive PPC campaign. Everything started out perfect. During our collaboration to form a strategy, we found out the domain name for this project has 36 characters. This is not including the www. ExampleOfA36CharacterDomain123.com For those of you who don't know, Google's Adwords policy states that the display URL has a character max of 35 characters. Since this site is a newly acquired site, it normally wouldn't have been an i...

Can Your Marketing Survive On PPC Alone?

There has been a lot of debate on whether a business can survive and thrive using pay per click PPC marketing alone. While PPC marketing can be very effective, using it without an organic search plan can be costly. There are several reasons PPC marketing needs to be coupled with organic search strategies. 1 Your Google Adwords bids can cost you more if your campaigns and landing pages are improperly optimized. Google states "Include specific keywords that directly relate to the specific theme of...

Using Landing Pages to Maximize PPC Results

Linking your Google Adwords Pay Per Click ads to an effective landing page can help increase your ad rankings, increase traffic to your site and increase conversions on your site, but choosing the wrong landing page can cost you both rankings and money. Here are a few tips that will help keep your Adwords ROI high: Choose a Relevant Page Pay Per Click advertisements are ranked by a combination of their Google Adwords quality score and their bid price. Having a higher quality score will allow you...


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