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7 Tactics to Generate More Local Leads

Businesses that depend on local customers for revenue, like a restaurant, florist shop, or dentist office, need a lead generation strategy to drive high-quality, local leads. However, successful lead generation is something that local businesses often struggle to achieve. In 2016, Money Journal surveyed over 2,000 local business owners and found that their single greatest struggle was generating leads. Fortunately, there are tactics businesses can use with their website, digital marketing, and p...

How to Leverage “Near Me” Searches for Your Business

You’ve probably used the search phrase near me when looking for restaurants, gas stations, apparel, and more without even realizing that you’re part of one of the fastest growing local search trends . Smartphone users are dropping location qualifiers e.g. ZIP codes and neighborhoods from local searches because they expect the results will be automatically relevant to their location due to their GPS-enabled devices. According to a Google Data study from 2015 to 2017, there was a 500% ...

The Ultimate Guide for Enhancing Your Local SEO

Local SEO is a mighty tool for smaller sized businesses that want to attract high-intent qualified leads, especially if they need to target people in their city, state, or region. The goal of local SEO is to increase a local business’s ranking positions in search results for a particular location. To simplify it, think of it like a laser beam focusing on a specific area rather than a flashlight spreading over a wide area. Like anything else related to SEO, it’s not an exact science...

How to Optimize a Google My Business Listing for Local Search

Not only does your Google My Business GMB listing increase your chances of showing up in the Google Local 3-pack, but when your business is searched for by name, Google often shows a Knowledge Panel that displays detailed information about your company. These details are pulled directly from your GMB listing, as well as from information Google finds from other online sources and user-generated content like third-party reviews, Q&As, user-suggested information, etc. . But how can you optimize...

How to Build Your Online Citations and Why It Matters

Online citations are defined as mentions of your business’s name, address and phone number on other websites such as YP, Yelp, and many other directories. A citation does not need to include a link to your website to be a key component of the ranking algorithms on search engines like Google and Bing. If everything else is equal, a business with a greater number of citations will have better search engine optimization and will most likely rank above a business with fewer citations. Citation...

Voice Search - What It Means for Local Businesses

The rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Cortana and Alexa is changing the game when it comes to local search engine optimization with one little thing… your voice. If your business relies on local search traffic, this will definitely impact your strategy. What is Voice Search? Voice search is a growing trend that has really started to take off with widespread adoption of virtual assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant – all of whom perform web searches automatically if t...

Top 5 Places to Get Reviews Other Than Google and Yelp

It’s no secret that online reviews are important for any business, and incorporating those reviews in your overall digital marketing and advertising plan is essential. According to WordStream, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations , 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses, and 73% of consumers say positive customer reviews make them trust a business more . Because of this, it’s no wonder big review sites such as Goog...

A Brief Look Into Local Search

While the algorithms and strategies behind local search can easily get complicated and messy, today will only be a brief look at local search and ways that we can use simple tactics to better our placement in Google’s Local Pack. As you may have recently seen, Google changed their Local Pack feature to now only include three instead of seven local results on a search page. For this reason, it is even more important to take a look at what you can do to improve your local search rankings. Ra...

4 Easy Steps for Local Search Optimization

According to Google, an estimated 73 percent of all online activity is related to local searches. Very often, customers turn to the Internet to learn more about local businesses and evaluate what companies they’d like to patronize. For local businesses, this information is key when they are thinking about their overall marketing plan . One way to begin to take advantage of these opportunities is by optimizing your Google local listing. These listings are featured prominently in local SERPs...

How Content Marketing Helps Local Businesses

In the competitive landscape of online marketing , your local business can still stand out and attract new customers with the use of creative, high-quality content. Having quality content has always been important for converting sales, but Google has become even more sophisticated over the years and now rewards content that is of real interest and value to customers. Creating good content, and sometimes forking out the cash to get it in front of your audience, can be extremely helpful for small ...

Local Centroids: How They Affect Local SEO

In the past, centroids, or central points of relevance, were determined by a specific location in a city, such as the town hall. Based on this type of city centroid, many local search-ranking variations could be explained by the distance from the centroid in certain searches. Businesses that were closer to the central hub appeared to experience a ranking advantage. In 2013, local search expert, Mike Blumenthal, updated his view of the centroid with his definition of industry centroids. "If you r...

Local SEO: Tips for Getting Found

A few weeks ago, we posted an infographic about local SEO and how it can help get you better placement in search results, including Google’s local search results pack. In this article, we will share some tips on why and how to set your website and marketing plan up to dominate local SEO. Google+ Local Setting up your Google+ Local page is one of the most important citations your business can have in order to appear in Google results. Be sure to use the NAP Name/Address/Phone in...

Finding New Customers With Local SEO

Local businesses, or businesses that have a physical storefront, require a special emphasis on local SEO in order to be found online. Unlike their ecommerce counterparts, these local businesses such as dentists, mechanics, flower shops, etc., can use their locations to their advantage in search engines like Google. By following our guide to local SEO your business can have its own Knowledge Panel, Google Map Pin, and get placed in the local pack results for search. Here’s an example using ...

Tips for Local Marketing

For many businesses, local marketing can be the key difference between success and failure. Many people are turning to search engines to look in their local market - with Google research showing that approximately 20% of queries from desktop computers have local intent, as well as half of local queries. How can you utilize local marketing to grow your business? Three simple tips to get started are: Make sure that your profile is completely filled out with Google+. You should verify your page, an...

Top Tips for Local SEO

If you’re a company that caters to a local clientele - whether it be a doctors’ office, a clothing store, or a restaurant - you want to make sure that people can quickly and easily find you online. To do this, your website will need a local SEO strategy to properly position you on search engines and direct the right traffic to your website. Some of the most important things you need to consider when optimizing your website for local search include: Keyword Research - first and foremo...

What is Local Digital Marketing?

When you do a search on a search engine and the results come up - what is the map and the little red balloons with letters in them? That is what is referred to as local listings . And it should become a bigger and bigger part of your online marketing strategy, especially if your business relies on your neighbors buying your products or paying for your services to stay afloat. Claiming your listings or profiles depending on what you want to call them and optimizing them to help get you to the top...

City Centroid - Local Search Ranking Factor

There has been a shift from Yellow Pages to Search Engines to find local companies and products. According to a TMP Directional Marketing study, the Internet has become the primary source for local research. The study found that 31% of respondents to the study used Search Engines to find local products and services first, with Yellow Pages or White Pages at 30%, Internet Yellow Pages at 19% and Local Search Sites at 11%. The importance of showing up in Google's Onebox Local Search result is beco...

Getting Local on Yahoo! Local

According to a recent comScore study : 63% of U.S. Internet users perform a local search online last July This is a 43% increase over July 2005 As Local Search starts to take off in the next couple of years, businesses need to monitor and update their business listings in the local search engines. Today we are going to take a look at Yahoo! Local . First, determine if you are indeed listed in Yahoo! Local by doing a search on your business name and the city / state that your local business resid...


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