Finding New Customers With Local SEO

December 16, 2014

Local businesses, or businesses that have a physical storefront, require a special emphasis on local SEO in order to be found online. Unlike their ecommerce counterparts, these local businesses such as dentists, mechanics, flower shops, etc., can use their locations to their advantage in search engines like Google.

By following our guide to local SEO your business can have its own Knowledge Panel, Google Map Pin, and get placed in the local pack results for search.

Here’s an example using the search term Orlando mechanic:

At Sales & Marketing Technologies we do work for a wide range of local and online-based clients. One of our main subsets of work is dental SEO and web design, but the information we give in this infographic doesn’t only pertain to dentists. Lawyers, doctors, mechanics, woodworkers, and more can benefit from these tips!

So get ready to learn how to find new customers with local SEO!


See the full PDF here!   



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