3 Tips to Make Your Blog Posts More SEO-Friendly

November 11, 2014

Writing an SEO-friendly blog post starts with the ability to write for your audience. Creating an easy to read and digest blog post will improve important factors that help with your SEO efforts for your website, such as Session Duration and your site’s Bounce Rate. It is also much more likely that your content will be shared if people actually read it and enjoy it, which helps increase your website’s reach.

1. Use Headings

Headings and subheading are important for multiple reasons when it comes to your articles. First, they help readers find their way around your article and break it down into easy to understand sections. (People don’t have very long attention spans.) Second, it helps Google to understand your article better too! By including keywords into the subheadings, Google can grasp the main idea of the post, thus helping your ranking for that topic.

Warning: Do NOT overuse keywords in your blog posts. Though you may think it will help give them a boost in search engines, it can actually hurt you as readability decreases.

2. Write Longer Posts

Your blog posts should have a minimum of 300 words. Having thin content has recently been added into the things that search engines, like Google, include in their crawls through a website. If you have thin content on your pages, now is the time to beef them up and make sure they are helping you rather than hurting you in search results. However, beware that you don’t go overboard either. Remember what I said about the attention span?

3. Link to Other Sections of Your Site

If you’re looking for a way to increase your rankings in Google, adding optimized blog content can help you. Good content will lead to more readers, more social shares, and higher rankings. While there are things you can do to enhance the power of your blog posts, it is key to remember whom you’re writing for, your target audience. Write well, write often, and optimize!

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