Facebook Like-Gating Ends: What That Means For You

November 14, 2014


The plug has been pulled on Facebook’s policy for Like-gating campaigns. Started on November 5, 2014 Facebook no longer allows company or brand pages to offer rewards, gated apps, or app content based on whether that person has Liked their page or not. The reasoning behind this change was to encourage people to Like pages based on whether they were truly interested in the company offering the rewards and not solely Liking the page to gain access to the content or prices.
Some people claim this is yet another push for Facebook to force companies to use Facebook Ads, however with the elimination of Like-gating, it will hopefully discourage fake fans and pages will see an increase of genuine engagement from true fans.
Even if you did continue to run these campaigns behind the enormous back of Facebook, their developers have changed their API to not allow third-party apps to “read” whether a person has Liked the page or not. So what do pages do now?


Moving on from Like-gated campaigns 

If you have active Like-gated campaigns, take the time to remove them. Although the campaign will continue to run, the “Like our page to get this!” notion will be lost as Facebook users will be able to access the content regardless if they Liked your page or not.
The point of your Facebook page isn’t to have the most Likes on the block; it is to encourage people to interact with your brand, to click-through to your new product, or to essentially turn into customers. To do this it means sharing quality content that interests your audience. Don’t always have a sales pitch running as your Facebook posts. Keep things light, keep your fans interested, and continue to see your engagement increase, although your page Likes may not.
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