Local Search Marketing

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Top Tips for Local SEO

If you’re a company that caters to a local clientele - whether it be a doctors’ office, a clothing store, or a restaurant - you want to make sure that people can quickly and easily find you online. To do this, your website will need a local SEO strategy to properly position you on search engines and direct the right traffic to your website. Some of the most important things you need to consider when optimizing your website for local search include: Keyword Research - first and foremo...

What is Local Digital Marketing?

When you do a search on a search engine and the results come up - what is the map and the little red balloons with letters in them? That is what is referred to as local listings . And it should become a bigger and bigger part of your online marketing strategy, especially if your business relies on your neighbors buying your products or paying for your services to stay afloat. Claiming your listings or profiles depending on what you want to call them and optimizing them to help get you to the top...

City Centroid - Local Search Ranking Factor

There has been a shift from Yellow Pages to Search Engines to find local companies and products. According to a TMP Directional Marketing study, the Internet has become the primary source for local research. The study found that 31% of respondents to the study used Search Engines to find local products and services first, with Yellow Pages or White Pages at 30%, Internet Yellow Pages at 19% and Local Search Sites at 11%. The importance of showing up in Google's Onebox Local Search result is beco...

Getting Local on Yahoo! Local

According to a recent comScore study : 63% of U.S. Internet users perform a local search online last July This is a 43% increase over July 2005 As Local Search starts to take off in the next couple of years, businesses need to monitor and update their business listings in the local search engines. Today we are going to take a look at Yahoo! Local . First, determine if you are indeed listed in Yahoo! Local by doing a search on your business name and the city / state that your local business resid...


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