6 Types of Local SEO Content to Boost Rankings

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April 26, 2022

While SEO can help boost your organic search rankings on a wider scale, it’s also important to factor in local search marketing. Local-specific content is vital for increasing traffic to businesses with one or many locations. Driving traffic to these pages, in turn, can lift your ranking positions on search results pages.
At Sales & Marketing Technologies, we understand what creating local SEO content can do for generating leads and sales, so let’s discuss how to get your business discovered by customers on search engines.

Local SEO Content Defined

To start, let’s dive into what local SEO content even is. Any content on your site, such as text, images, and video, that is meant to meet the demands of local searches is considered local SEO content. This can be on your site’s landing pages, along with your Google Business profile and other sources.
Whichever area you’re specifically targeting is considered your local space. It’s important to understand what people in this region are looking for in their searches, so here’s how you can configure your content to adhere to their needs.

Ideas for Your Local SEO Content Strategy

The key to increasing traffic to your local businesses lies in creating high-quality content that will attract visitors from the local area. Local SEO is a powerful way to improve your local presence on Google Maps. This strategy helps you optimize your site for your region and gain visibility in Google Search.
To compete with larger companies that already dominate their markets, you'll need to create unique content that stands out from other sites. Here are six effective types of local SEO content to incorporate into your strategy:

1. Use Local Phrases or Keywords

Whether on landing pages or blog posts, using local phrases and keywords is essential. Even for region-specific jargon, this will be helpful in your content. For example, if you’re a drink supplier, terms like pop, soda, or soft drink have different meanings across the country. Also, leverage "near me" searches to capture users that drop location qualifiers (e.g. ZIP code, neighborhood name).

2. Create Relevant Content

For all other content on your pages, such as blog posts, testimonials, announcements, and interviews, incorporating the right conversational tone along with relevant phrases will help sell you to your audience. “Best of” lists and guides also work well to promote the area, while also boosting your search ranking.

3. Add Local Images

Stock images aren’t always the best route for local searches. Often, people want to see the place they know and love represented in the best light. This shows your appreciation for the community, and you can optimize these images for more SEO-driven engagement.

4. Localize Your Landing Pages

Many international brands have landing pages broken down by city, state, and/or region. This narrows down your branches for more local customers and speaks to understanding your audience better. Plus, it can increase organic traffic for SEO purposes while improving conversions.

5. Offer Special Promotions and Discounts

You likely know your region best and which special offers and deals would make your audience happiest. Many brands offer local customers more exclusives, which is a great way to secure brand loyalty.

6. Promote Local Events and Partnerships

Whether you want to host your own event or partner with existing brands on their events, local happenings drive more traffic back to your site. Plus, when you share it on your social media pages and tag the partners, that means even more eyes on your content (and brand).

Attract Customers in Your Area with Local SEO

By creating local SEO content that appeals to your audience, your local business will climb higher in Google search results, increasing brand awareness and traffic. That's why local SEO should be a part of your overall marketing to grow your local customer base.
Are you ready to bring in more leads and sales with a rock-star marketing system? Schedule a free consultation with Sales & Marketing Technologies today to learn more!

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