Landing Pages: Funnel More Leads into Your Marketing Automation

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January 19, 2021

Landing pages can be a powerful tool for funneling leads into your marketing automation campaign, but they’re only effective when done properly. Marketing automation offers a variety of benefits like maximizing marketing efficiency, acquiring more leads, qualifying leads for the sales team, and retaining customers post-purchase. However, hastily putting up a landing page on your website probably won’t deliver the kind of results you want. Get more out of your investment by making better landing pages - here are some tips for how to do that.

Landing Page Tips to Grow Your Marketing Automation

A ‘landing page’ is a single web page that users get to when they click on a search engine result, email, or pay-per-click ad. Landing pages play a crucial role in marketing automation, particularly nurture campaigns as they allow your business to introduce prospects to your company, products, or services which makes them more likely to become customers. See the five things your landing page should have to attract more leads.

1. Add quality content to your page.

Content encompasses many types of mediums such as copy, images, video, audio, and animation. Without quality content, your landing page will fall flat with prospects. How much content your page will need depends on your offer and how much trust you need to build in order for people to take action.
A simple, compelling lead magnet that only requires an email address to get it likely won’t need a lot of content to convince people to opt-in. However, asking users to fill out a lengthy form or invest money will require more content so they'll feel confident about their decision.

2. Have an attractive design and layout.

From color to spacing, your landing page's design should be visually appealing and the layout easy to read. Use subheadings, bullet points, and empty space appropriately between elements to give breathing room for users so they’re not overwhelmed. Doing this also makes hierarchical relationships more clear and easier to understand. Additionally, a streamlined page layout is better for responsive design because there are fewer elements to display.

3. Make sure the page is mobile-friendly.

Responsive design is essential for landing pages to ensure they look and perform as they should across various devices like desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A mobile-friendly page is a must considering that over 40 percent of online transactions occur on mobile. Not having one will negatively affect your mobile conversions and decrease your page’s effectiveness for generating leads.

4. Have a fast page load speed.

If your page takes too long to load, most users are going to ‘bounce’ rather than wait around. Think with Google recommends that a page load in less than three seconds because “speed equals revenue.” You can improve page load time by reducing redirects, using browser caching, optimizing images, and more. A fast page load speed not only creates a better user experience, but it’s also important in optimizing your landing page for search engines.

5. Streamline your call to action.

The ‘call-to-action’ (CTA) on your landing page encourages users to take a specific action. The CTA should be noticeable, easy to read, and have compelling copy. Fine-tune your landing page by performing A/B testing to find out which CTAs generate the most conversions. Here are some other ways you can optimize the CTA on your landing page:
  • Make it easy to find
  • Make the button look clickable
  • Make it easy to complete (e.g. short forms, one-click buttons)
  • Focus on outcomes (e.g. “Download Your Free eBook” instead of “Click Here”)
  • Minimize distractions

Generate and Nurture Leads with Automation

Content, design, mobile-friendliness, speed, and the CTA are crucial to creating a landing page that will funnel more leads into your marketing automation campaign. Without an effective landing page, you’ll get a lower return on your investment in marketing automation software. A digital marketing agency with experience in automation, web development, web design, and content can help your business set up landing pages and automation campaigns that work in harmony together.
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