The Biggest Advantages of Marketing Automation

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May 12, 2020

While there are certain marketing tasks that require a human touch, many processes can benefit from marketing automation which can lift sales and lower customer acquisition costs. By using marketing automation software, your business can streamline, automate, and measure your marketing tasks and workflows to increase their effectiveness and grow revenue faster.
See the advantages of marketing automation below to get an idea of how your business can communicate more effectively with leads and nurture them to become customers.

1. Maximize marketing efficiency.

Automatically send messages to leads and current customers through email, website, social media, instant messaging apps, and text messaging. Writing (or even copying and pasting) the same message to individual recipients is time-consuming.
With marketing automation software, communication not only becomes more efficient, but you can also send targeted messages based on the page the visitor lands on or an action the visitor takes.

2. Optimize marketing based on real data.

Effective automated marketing campaigns don’t happen overnight. You need to monitor each campaign to see what works and doesn’t work then use that data to make any necessary changes to achieve better results.
Marketing automation is ideal for removing menial tasks so your resources can be spent on more worthwhile endeavors like creating engaging content, A/B testing different ‘calls to actions,’ and more.

3. Acquire more leads.

Marketing automation is more than email - you can also use it to acquire more leads. For example, you can have lead generation form on your website to collect information (e.g. email address, name, and phone number) and send creative messaging through your marketing automation software.

4. Implement for any type of business.

Think marketing automation is only for big businesses? Guess again. Any business and industry can benefit from it. For large enterprises, marketing automation is great for streamlining multiple teams and creating greater brand consistency whereas small companies are able to get the most out of their limited resources so they’re working smarter, not harder.

5. Qualify leads for the sales team.

In addition to acquiring leads, marketing automation can also help qualify and nurture them. Sales reps already have enough tasks to juggle so being able to qualify leads will help ensure they won’t be wasting time talking to leads that won’t become customers.

6. Continue a relationship with customers post-sale.

Once the first sale is done, that doesn’t mean marketing automation stops there. Your business will have multiple opportunities for upselling and cross-selling as well as creating future engagement that leads to repeat business.
Marketing automation allows you to implement post-sale processes (e.g. upcoming sales, discounts, product announcements) that encourage customers to stay connected to your business long after that initial sale.

Lift Sales with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software is a powerful tool that can increase the efficiency of your business, lift sales, and lower customer acquisition costs. Sales & Marketing Technologies is a digital marketing agency in the Orlando, FL area that helps businesses implement and optimize their marketing automation to attain more customers for sustainable growth.
Call 407.682.2222 or contact us below for a free 30-minute call to discuss marketing automation opportunities!

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