10 Email Marketing Tactics That Increase ROI

Email marketing tactics

August 13, 2019

While the main purpose of email marketing is to promote a business, it can be used for other objectives like cultivating relationships with potential customers, keeping customers informed and updated on the business, offering promotions to encourage customer loyalty, and more. Email marketing is like direct mail in that it creates a one-on-one interaction but it’s more cost-efficient and eco-friendly because the message is electronic rather than paper. Email marketing is also easier to measure your return on investment (ROI) than direct mail because you can track click-through rates (CTR), open rates, bounce rates, and conversions.
With these 10 email marketing tactics, you’ll be able to generate more conversions for your business thereby increasing your ROI.

1. Don’t buy contact lists.

Not only does buying contact lists go against the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires businesses to receive European recipients’ consent to receive emails, it will also negatively impact your email performance. If you contact people whose information you bought rather than them opting in to receive emails, your email performance will struggle. Recipients will likely ignore, delete, or flag your email as spam because they don’t know who you are.

2. Don’t use ‘No-Reply’ in the sender’s email address.

The CAN-SPAM Act is a piece of legislation that gives guidelines to email marketers in the United States. One important rule is to never use "no reply," or a similar phrase, in your email sender's name (for example, "noreply@company.com") because it prevents recipients from responding and even opting out of future emails. Rather than “no reply,” use a real email address (for example, firstname@company.com). Recipients are more likely to open emails if they look like they were written by a person.

3. Make the email easy to read.

Using multiple fonts and typefaces will make your email look too busy which can affect click-through rates and conversions. Make sure not to use more than two, maximum three, fonts and typefaces. With consistent fonts and typefaces, the email will be more pleasing to the eye.

4. Customize the preview-text.

The email’s preview-text is displayed after the subject line to show the recipient more of what the email is about. By default, the preview-text pulls in the first several words of the email body. This can be a problem because it can pull other words from the top of the email that aren’t actually part of the email body. In your email marketing software, make sure to customize the preview-text to something more appealing to increase CTR.

5. Add an email signature.

Include the signature of a real person, even if the email is sent on behalf of the company. Recipients are more likely to open and read emails if they know it came from a human being rather than some marketing department.

6. Maintain your email list.

Like your physical health, your email list needs a regular check-up to ensure it’s healthy. Having a neglected email list can hurt open rates, increase inactive users, and lower subscriber engagement. All these factors can affect whether your emails will be delivered to the recipient’s inbox or spam folder (if it is delivered at all). Check to see who hasn't engaged with your emails over a certain period of time and remove them on a regular basis. By maintaining your email list, you’ll get better email performance because you’ll be emailing only those that actually want to hear from you.

7. Keep the call-to-action above the fold.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a marketing term that describes anything that is designed to prompt an immediate response like a sale or sign-up. Your CTA should be “above the fold” which means that it should be on the top portion of the screen. When you scroll down, that is considered “below the fold.” Make sure to have your main message and CTA before the point where recipients would have to scroll down to see them. Also, repeat the CTA at least three times throughout the email in different places and formats to increase the likelihood of a conversion.

8. Greet the recipient by name.

You can personalize your email greeting with your contacts' first names to grab their attention and make the email seem more human. Many email marketing tools allow you to customize the greeting of your email campaign so it automatically inserts the name of your contacts into the email subject line and/or body.

9. Don’t have wide emails.

Don’t design or use email templates that are wider than 650 pixels because recipients will be forced to scroll horizontally to read your email, which is particularly difficult if the email is being read on a mobile device. Keep your email widths between 500-650 pixels to prevent layout issues so recipients don’t bounce.

10. Do A/B testing to enhance performance.

A/B testing (aka "split testing") is comparing two versions of something - in this case, an email - to figure out which is the better performing variation. It works by separating your recipients into two groups: Group A receives the normal email and Group B receives the email with a specific variation. With A/B testing, you’re able to see whether recipients are more or less likely to take an action if your email was different. You can do A/B tests on anything like the subject line, CTA, design, or email body.

Orlando Email Marketing Services

With these email marketing tactics, you’ll be able to increase open and engagement rates which can ultimately increase your ROI. Whether you’re new to email marketing or have been using it for years, let us help you achieve your conversion goals with a smarter email marketing strategy. Sales & Marketing Technologies is an Orlando digital marketing agency that has helped a variety of local and national brands improve their email marketing results with research, planning, tracking, and more.
Call us today at 407.682.2222 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our email marketing services.

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