SEO Tactics to Drive More Growth in 2021

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January 26, 2021

Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer optional for most businesses these days which is why using up-to-date SEO tactics is crucial for driving growth in 2021. As data privacy changes roll out, more companies will need to ramp up their SEO efforts to compensate for reduced traffic from other digital marketing strategies. Furthermore, having top rankings in organic search results increases trust in your brand and builds credibility. Find out which SEO tactics you should use in 2021 to help scale your business.

5 Tactics to Leverage in Your SEO Strategy

From B2B corporations to non-profits, SEO affects a wide variety of industries because the majority of people use search engines to get information and find solutions. Here are five tactics you can leverage in your 2021 SEO strategy to make it easier for your organization to be found in Google by your target audience.

1. Analyze Search Intent

Understand the purpose behind your audience’s searches in order to meet their needs better. Analyze the first search results page to discover what top-ranking pages are doing right and reverse engineer their strategy to create content your audience truly wants.

2. Produce ‘E-A-T’ Content

Get higher rankings in search results by creating and updating content that follows Google’s ‘E-A-T’ principle which stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Some ways to do this by including statistics and facts to back up your claims, adding links to reputable sites, and acquiring backlinks from authoritative sites.

3. Enhance User Experience

Google wants to deliver the best results to users which is why a website’s user experience affects its rankings. UX has many facets but it includes easy navigation, fast page load speed, and mobile-friendly design.

4. Holistic Optimization

In addition to your website, make sure to optimize your entire digital presence. This includes other properties like social media pages and listings (e.g. Google, Bing, Yelp) so there are multiple avenues for your target audience to find your business. Not only does this increase the chances of your business getting found in search engines, but it can also increase your social media following and encourage more customers to leave reviews.

5. Customer Retention

An Invesp survey found that getting a new customer costs five times more than keeping an existing customer. Your SEO strategy should be more than just about driving organic traffic, it should also include leveraging behavioral analytics which you can use to create content that will increase customer retention.

Evolve Your SEO Strategy in 2021

Keeping the same SEO strategy from 2020 (or the last several years) won’t drive the kind of growth you want because digital marketing is constantly changing. Your strategy should evolve to make your business more competitive. It’s never too late to get an SEO audit to determine what is and isn’t working in your strategy. From there, Sales & Marketing Technologies will be able to create a new SEO strategy that will help scale your business in 2021.
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