What is a Backlink Profile?

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October 20, 2020

Backlinks are crucial for getting your site to rank higher in Google search results, so it’s important to understand how many backlinks your site has and their quality. With the information in your backlink profile, you’ll be able to develop a link building strategy that will increase search ranking positions and conversions. Learn more about backlinks below!

Backlink Profile Definition

A backlink profile is the collection of links that direct visitors to your site. In addition to the number of backlinks, a backlink profile also details other link characteristics such as:
  • Types of links
  • Anchor text (i.e. the clickable text with the hyperlink)
  • Domain quality
  • Relevance
Having a strong backlink profile will make it easier to achieve higher rankings, drive referral traffic to your site, and more.

Benefits of Backlinks

Backlinks offer a variety of marketing and branding benefits. Here are six benefits, in particular, of implementing a focused link building strategy.
  1. Improves organic search ranking positions
  2. Increases referral traffic to your site
  3. Enhances perceptions of your brand
  4. Builds relationships with other sites
  5. Increases your content’s visibility
  6. Promotes your brand to new potential customers
Now that you understand what is a backlink profile and the benefits of backlinks, let’s see what are typical signs of a strong backlink profile.

5 Signs of a Strong Backlink Profile

Before you jump into backlink building, it’s helpful to understand what your profile should ultimately look like. A strong backlink profile will have:
  1. Many organic, high-authority backlinks
  2. Backlinks with relevant, non-spam anchor text
  3. Most of the backlinks come from sites that are relevant to your topic or niche
  4. A minimal amount of low-authority and low-quality links
  5. A variety of link types
While having a lot of backlinks will improve your site's rankings, never practice unsavory tactics like buying backlinks. Acquiring many backlinks too quickly can raise red flags and result in a penalty. However, it’s inevitable that your site will receive spam links from low-quality sites over time, but don’t worry. You can disavow them to prevent a penalty or a hit to your rankings.

Increase Organic Traffic with Backlinks

A backlink profile with many high-quality backlinks provides invaluable benefits like higher rankings, more referral traffic, and brand promotion. In summary, backlinks are too important to ignore! Check out free tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to start evaluating your backlinks, identifying opportunities, and developing a strategy.
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