Why Your Business Website Needs Video Content

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July 7, 2020

We all know that having a great web design is crucial for keeping visitors from bouncing and attracting customers, but it’s not as obvious how video can be used to create a better website experience, enhance branding, and increase conversions.
In a 2019 Google report, watch time for shopping-related YouTube videos grew in the United States by more than 5x over the past 2 years. Although video content has become increasingly popular, many businesses don’t incorporate this engaging medium on their website which creates missed sales opportunities.
See the different ways you can use video to enhance your web design and make it easier to achieve your digital marketing goals.

Video Tips for Business Websites

According to Wyzowl, “84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.” Given the effectiveness of video content for gaining customers, here are four video tips to improve your business website.

1. Increase Engagement

Posting a video by itself without any supporting copy won’t create much engagement with your target audience, but when it’s added to a product page or blog post, it can make the content a lot more interesting for visitors. Furthermore, interesting content is more likely to be shared which increases brand awareness.  

2. Personalize Your Brand

Video is a great way to give your business a more personal touch whether it’s by sharing your brand story, giving a face to leadership and employees, showing a behind-the-scenes look of popular products/services, and more.

3. Offer Solutions to Problems

Video is ideal for providing solutions to common problems that your prospects face. By providing them valuable information, they’ll be more likely to purchase your product or service.
And even if they don’t buy anything, keeping visitors on your website longer still benefits your business by improving your page rankings in search results (i.e. search engine optimization) which will drive more traffic to your website and increase conversions.

4. Avoid Too Many Videos on a Page

It can be tempting to stack multiple videos on top of one another on a page, but avoid doing this because it can be overwhelming and inconvenient for your visitors. Additionally, a lot of videos on a page will slow down page load speeds which will frustrate visitors and lead to higher bounce rates.

Leverage the Benefits of Video

When done properly, video can be a smart website investment for establishing brand credibility, attracting customers, and improving SEO. However, before developing a strategy and creating videos, it’s important to have a strong website foundation that visitors enjoy using.
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