Local Centroids: How They Affect Local SEO

April 7, 2015

Centroids in 2015

In order to optimize for this new hyperlocalized search, you have to start thinking of your business as more than just Francesca’s Flower Shop in Orlando, but as Francesca’s Flower Shop in Thornton Park, Orlando. You can do that by considering some of the following tips from Moz:

  • Improve core pages of your website or create new pages to include references to the part you play in your neighborhood. Talk about your area’s history and where you fit into that.

  • Talk to locals and ask them to share their memories about the neighborhood and what they like about living there. Use these types of conversations as a blog article or social media post.

  • Showcase your participation in local events.

  • Plan an event, contest or special for customers in your area.

  • Take pictures, label them with hyperlocal terms, post them on your site and share them socially.

  • Blog about local happenings that are relevant to you and your customers, such as a street market where you buy the tomatoes that top your pizzas or a local award you've won.

  • Depending on your industry, there will be opportunities for hyperlocal content specific to your business. By using your neighborhood name in some of your specials on a crawl-friendly menu, you can increase the association and your customers may use the special name in their review, increasing the bond between your business and that area name.

When it comes to local SEO, a lot has changed in the past few years, especially with the introduction of the Pigeon update from Google. In order to optimize your business for local, many things need to be taken into consideration but citations, high-quality content that emphasizes your business location, and local events and acknowledgements are some of the most important.

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