Tips for Local Marketing

February 6, 2014

For many businesses, local marketing can be the key difference between success and failure. Many people are turning to search engines to look in their local market - with Google research showing that approximately 20% of queries from desktop computers have local intent, as well as half of local queries.

How can you utilize local marketing to grow your business?

Three simple tips to get started are:

  • Make sure that your profile is completely filled out with Google+. You should verify your page, and make sure all of the information on it is accurate. By providing an accurate Google+ profile, you make it easier for your business to appear in targeted searches.
  • Check the accuracy of other directories, as well. Besides Google, you should make sure that your address is filled out completely and accurately within other directories. These can include Bing Local, Yahoo! Local,, and industry-specific directories.
  • Get reviewed on as many pages as possible. Ask your customers to review your company – this can provide a ranking boost on Google+, as well as add credibility to your company.

By starting with these initiatives, you will be well on your way to positioning yourself to receive more business thanks to local searches. If you need help with these action items, or in developing a more local-friendly website, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today!

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