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How NOT to Use Videos on Your Website

Using videos in your content marketing strategy is becoming even more important in 2015. With social media sites, such as Facebook, pushing video content to the forefront, it is a great way to gather customer attention and provide additional information. The same is true for your website. Video content can help reduce your bounce rate while increasing time spent on your website, which in turn helps your search engine rankings. However, if this is not implemented properly, it can have negative...

Top Questions Your Web Designer Will Ask You

When you begin working with a web designer at an Orlando web design company, there are some common questions they may ask in order to present you a mockup that you’ll enjoy and that is suited for your business. By knowing the answers to these questions ahead of time you can save time during the beginning stages of the design process. Favorite Websites in Your Niche Unless your business is breaking into a brand new niche, there are websites out there that you probably think have a good...

Switch to Responsive Design or Risk Google Search Rankings

You may have heard a lot about mobile-friendly or responsive design in the past year or so, but how important is it for Google and search rankings? Well, Google’s recent announcement on Webmaster Central has finally confirmed what we’ve been preparing for. What Google Has to Say The announcement from Google has confirmed what we’ve already been saying; that having a mobile-friendly website is essential to a successful SEO strategy. Google’s exact quote was, Starting...

How to Update Your Website Without Devastating Your SEO

Whenever one of our clients is going through a website redesign, we have to pay special attention to ensuring that our search engine optimization SEO efforts don’t get thrown to the wayside. This is much easier if our web development team is handling the redesign, as we can work closely with them to ensure everything transfers smoothly. However, that’s not always the case. In the event that another company is handling your redesign, you want to make sure that they can handle the...

Building a Website Worth Visiting

While surfing the web you may have come across websites that were unattractive or uninformative and they left a bad taste in your mouth as you click the back button to find another site. As a brand, your website is not only often your first impression but it is also an important way to build a relationship with these potential or current customers. Your website needs to attract customers visually and the content on your site needs to speak to your customers and encourage them to choose your...

Five Tips to Assess Your Website's Ability to Convert Visitors

When people visit your website, they are seeking information. In this day of instant information, a consumer is going to quickly scan your website to determine if your products and/or services are right for them. Spend a moment to take a step back and evaluate: Does your website convey a professional image of your company? If your website doesn't convey what your business does, then your website isn't doing its job. Having a professional website design and layout is essential to the success of...


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