How NOT to Use Videos on Your Website

April 21, 2015

Thin Content

Setting a video on a web page does not substitute for good, quality content. While the video can enhance the page and add information for the user, Google spiders do not watch the videos while crawling your website. Therefore, adding a description and related content around the video is necessary to gaining SEO juice from that page.

Your users are not always going to be in the position where watching a video is feasible. Providing information beyond the video will allow them to gain knowledge from your page either way.

Too Many Videos

Some websites have pages with multiple videos stacked one on top of the other with little to no supporting copy. While these videos may say everything you have to say on the subject, it can be a very inconvenient experience for your website users. Not only could it cause slow page load time, which often causes a user to bounce back to the search results, but it could also cause confusion, especially on a mobile device.


Videos can be a strong addition to your content marketing strategy, however, it can also cause serious SEO issues if not monitored or implemented properly. Using videos created by your company can help alleviate problems that come with using videos made by other people, like them being removed without your knowledge. But it can also improve your company’s credibility by using videos that you’ve created.

If you do find video issues with your website, it is important to find a solution to the problem as soon as possible to avoid causing problems with your rankings. Go through your site, crawl your pages, and identify video issues causing problems. When you do, you can make both users and search engines happy. And both are always good things.

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