How Does a Website Redesign Help With Search Engine Rankings?

Website redesign search engine rankings seo

August 6, 2019

A website redesign benefits search engine optimization (SEO) in a variety of ways since websites and SEO are linked closely together. After all, SEO is the efforts to get a website or webpage ranking high on search engine results pages (SERPs) so it makes sense that redesigning a website would affect SERPs. From better user experience to technical improvements, a redesign can improve your website’s search engine rankings, helping your website to be found by more customers.

Benefits of a Website Redesign for SEO

A website redesign can improve your SEO, conversion rates, and digital marketing strategy by attracting more visitors, fixing technical issues, and making it easier to use. By taking SEO into consideration with the redesign, your website will perform better with visitors and rank higher on SERPs.

1. Gives a focus to your website content.

Getting your website to rank for certain keywords that relate to your business means you’ll need website content and on-page SEO techniques (e.g. page titles, meta tags, descriptions, internal linking, body tags) that use the keyword you want to rank for in SERPs. It’s helpful to know your target keywords before a website redesign to ensure the content and on-page SEO include the keyword.

2. Identifies technical problems.

SEO isn’t static - Google is always modifying and updating its algorithms which is partly why technical problems that affect your SEO can arise and go unnoticed. By paying attention to the technical side of SEO, your website redesign will address issues like having a secure site (HTTP vs HTTPS), separate domains for different countries or languages, 301 redirects to avoid missing pages or broken links, and more.

3. Fresh content performs better.

There are several reasons why fresh content can get you higher positions in SERPs. First, visitors don’t want to see the same thing all the time, they want new information, ideas, and insights. Fresh content gives them these things and differentiates you from competitors. Second, Google gives preference to new content as it tends to be the most relevant. Regularly publishing new content is also considered an indicator of website quality. Lastly, visitors use different search terms on Google all the time. Adding fresh content allows you to target these keywords and increase your search engine rankings.

4. Uses the latest SEO trends.

If it’s been a while since your website was created or redesigned, it’s probably using outdated SEO tactics and missing out on new trends. A website redesign gives you a blank slate which makes it easier to incorporate the best and latest practices of SEO instead of combing through old website content and making sporadic changes in hopes that it’ll improve your SEO.

5. Improves user experience.

SEO isn’t just about search engines, it’s equally important to think about the visitor’s experience with the website. ‘User experience’ (UX) in website design refers to the complete experience users go through when they’re on a website. By focusing your website’s UX on improving page speeds, accessibility (e.g. responsive design), visual appeal, and navigation, it will boost time spent on your website and engagement which Google rewards with higher rankings.

Orlando Website Redesign Services

Your website is one of your greatest marketing tools and a redesign can do wonders for your SEO - but only when it’s taken into account throughout the whole process. Without SEO, your website redesign will fall flat and not produce the kinds of results you want. As an Orlando digital marketing company, our web designers and SEO specialists work closely together to ensure your website not only looks great, but is also search engine friendly.
Call us today at (407) 682-2222 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our website redesign services for businesses looking to get more out of their digital marketing.

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