How to Craft the Perfect Voicemail Script to Get More Callbacks

May 15, 2018

According to sales strategist, Jill Konrath, 97% of all business calls now go to voicemail – making your sales voicemail increasingly important.

But I know what you’re thinking, “Do prospects even listen to my voicemail? Will they ever call me back?”

Well, honestly, most of the time – No.

However, although voicemail has a much lower response rate than other types of communication, such as email – what you lose in quantity, you gain in quality. That’s because voicemails are generally more personable and demonstrate a greater level of interest.

Without a carefully planned, thoughtful and rehearsed voicemail, you won’t get any responses at all.

Here are some effective voicemail script bullet points that can be used to stay on track while keeping your tone and delivery casual:

  • Your name

  • Reason for calling

  • Benefit of calling you back

  • Your contact information

  • Promise of a follow-up email

With these bullet points, you can create a tailored script for your business. Here’s an example:

“Hello Susan. This is Dana with Sales & Marketing Technologies.

I’m calling because you downloaded our guide 12 Ways to Get Your Business Growing Again, and I would like to offer you a free marketing audit to go with that. The marketing audit helps you quickly identify your best channels for sales growth.

If you’d like to learn more, my number is 407-682-2222. I’ll also follow up with an email how you can reach me. I look forward to hearing what you think. Have a great day.”

The voicemail is simple and straightforward, but also provides value to the recipient. A voicemail can set the tone for what it’s like doing business with you, so delivery is everything.

As you work on delivering your voicemail script, you may find that certain things work better for you. Here are some best practices to try out in your voicemail script:

#1 Leave your telephone number twice

This helps ensure the prospect heard and understands your number. Don’t repeat the number the same way; instead try saying your number in a different way. For example: “Call me back at 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0. Again, that is 1-2-3-45-67-8-9-0."

#2 Use their name

People tend to pay attention when their name is mentioned. If you want to grab their attention at a crucial part in the message, say their name first.

#3 Use a credible example

Tout your company a bit by mentioning someone you’ve helped in the past. This helps establish authority.

#4 Keep it to 15 seconds or less

Your voicemail is merely to pique the prospects' interest, not to sell them on your solutions, discuss features, or giving your whole backstory. Keep your messages short and sweet – save the sales pitch for your actual call.

#5 Offer value

One of the bullet points for your call is telling the prospect the benefit of calling you back. Make sure you state it clearly and that it actually can help them.

#6 Ask for next steps

If you want them to call or email you back, be sure to ask for it. This clear, actionable item will help make it clear what to do next.

Doing your research on the prospect and practicing your script is just the beginning. With every voicemail you leave, you’ll learn new ways to speak with authority, provide value, and get the callback.

Looking for other ways to enhance your marketing and sales? Call 407-682-2222 for a strategy session with one of our expert content marketers today.

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