Why CRM Software is Crucial For B2B Sales

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August 11, 2020

“Customer relationship management” (CRM) software offers many benefits for B2B sales like being able to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, improve customer relationships, and retain customers. All of which, of course, drive sales growth.
Check out the five signs that your B2B sales team needs CRM software!

Top 5 Signs You Need CRM Software

By automating certain processes with CRM software, businesses can increase productivity while providing actual value to customers. Here are five situations that indicate it’s time to implement CRM software into your business.

1. Tasks or data fall through the cracks.

Information and interactions can get lost when there isn’t a centralized location for customer data. CRM software allows you to better organize customer interactions as well as understand prospects and customers, building stronger relationships.

2. Trouble remembering details.

Remembering every single lead or customer conversation is difficult, even if you have a great memory. Additionally, handwritten notes can get lost or damaged. CRM software has a "notes" feature where you can add information from a meeting or insert details about the person's business like addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Keeping notes in a CRM prevents awkward calls or emails where you’re trying to recall previous conversations, thereby maintaining an appearance of competency and building rapport.

3. Sales and customer service aren’t on the same page.

When sales and customer service aren’t communicating effectively, bottlenecks happen and leads/customers get frustrated. Despite its speed and convenience, email isn’t reliable for tracking and managing progress.
CRM software is best for getting sales and customer service on the same page because all of the information is in one place, allowing your teams to get a complete picture of an account.

4. Don’t know how your sales team is doing.

If you’re not managing your sales team, you could be losing sales. A CRM software not only lets you know what they’re doing (or not doing), but it can also make your sales team more productive and give you insights on know how to help them.

5. Can’t easily contact subsets of your client base.

With CRM software, you can create and contact subsets of your client base in a few clicks rather than going through a spreadsheet and manually creating lists which is time-consuming and can lead to error.
In the CRM, simply apply a “tag” to the person to add them to a group. This makes it easier to search for groups and send personalized messages.

Implement CRM for B2B Sales Growth

Customers have high expectations when it comes to service which is why having a CRM to organize and compile customer information is crucial. Not sure where to begin with CRM software? Sales & Marketing Technologies offers automation services, helping businesses streamline sales and create successful automated marketing campaigns.
Call 407.682.2222 or contact us below to schedule a free consultation to discuss automation solutions for your business.

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