Cleaning up at Trade Shows

October 11, 2016

With the display, booth costs, travel, hotel, etc., trade shows can be a relatively expensive way to meet prospects. With this in mind, leads can be like gold. It is critical to capture every lead you can in order to make your trade show worth the investment.

Before you go to the show you want to decide:

A. Are you going for volume? The most leads. A great way to build up your mailing list.


B. Are you going to focus on capturing just the “right” prospects? Spending quality time. This is a great way to build relationships.

Infusionsoft is ideal for capturing trade show leads. It has some great intake methods so everyone you talk with can go right in to your cloud-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Capturing Volume at Trade Shows

Pick a Prize

If the strategy is to capture volume, perhaps consider a drawing with a highly valued prize for your booth. Make sure to choose the prize wisely. You want the prize to match the desires of your target market.

Scan with Snap

If you are going for volume, you’ll need an efficient way to capture large numbers of leads. Ask for their business card and use the Snap App; it is free with Infusionsoft. It is like a business card scanner, except it uses your phone’s camera. You just take a picture of the card and it magically is entered automatically.




No business card? No problem

Have them fill out a little paper registration form to enter. Then Snap that. Snap can handle this because it does not use Optical Character Reader (OCR) technology... It is an actual person entering the info!

Text a Keyword

Another way to handle a high volume of registrations at a show is to have people text a keyword to a special phone number. Most people have their phone handy while attending an event. It gets rid of the excuse of 'I don't have a business card'.

To see this text registration in action, try this... text the keyword BLOG to 971-407-1900. Just for checking it out, we'll register you in a special drawing for an Amazon gift card. So try it now!

Engaging Quality Leads at Trade Shows

If you are shooting for quality over quantity, i.e. low volume capture, you can set up an intake form in Infusionsoft where you enter their info and some notes on the conversation. This way you can follow up on a personal basis.

You may even wish to schedule appointments right at the show to make sure you have the continuity. Send out gifts or photos of you at the show so they remember you.

No matter if you’re looking to capturing volume or searching for the best leads for your business, you want to do as much of the processing at the show as you can. That way you are ready to run the minute you get back to the office!

If you’ve got a convention or trade show coming up and want help setting up these systems, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies at (407) 682-2222 or use the contact form below.

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