11 Ways To Improve Your Business With Sales Automation

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September 25, 2020

Not long ago, salespeople had to spend more than half of their time on tedious tasks like taking notes, logging calls and prioritizing leads. Sales automation now allows salespeople to spend more time actually selling. There are a variety of sales processes that businesses can automate to increase sales productivity. Your business doesn’t necessarily need to automate all of these sales processes depending on your needs and pain points, but it’s still helpful to see the opportunities sales automation can open for your business.

1. Reduced email creation time.

Sales automation tools have customizable email templates and funnels that can save hours writing individual emails. Using sales automation tools for email, not only saves time but improves quality as some sales reps are better writers than others.

2. Improved pipeline reports.

With sales automation, reps can prioritize their leads based on a variety of factors like time sensitivity and funnel stage which can help reduce mental fatigue and increase productivity.

3. Better lead follow-up.

Create email follow-up systems for your sales team. Salespeople are busy and can easily get distracted. By automating the major parts of the follow-up process, you can make sure they don't miss out on sales opportunities. Scheduled follow-up sequences can make sure the right communication is going out on time even if the sales team forgets.

4. Improved account documentation.

It’s crucial that salespeople take notes and keep records of call outcomes. There are tools that automatically log call outcomes which allow managers to see how their team is performing and the quality of leads.

5. Better tracking.

Some sales automation tools can automatically track every outbound and inbound contact to save your sales team the trouble of manually logging calls.

6. Easier appointment scheduling.

Salespeople can easily schedule appointments by offering calendar links with different times that they’re available. All the prospect needs to do is click on an available time to schedule an appointment.

7. Faster lead routing.

Have you ever almost lost a sale because it took too long for a rep to contact a prospect? There are advanced call routing features that can automatically direct inbound callers to the right salesperson with no human intervention. Lead routing can be based on the time of the call, territories, lead sources, or round-robin to evenly distribute leads.

8. Faster List building.

Building lists in sales automation software allows you to search for relevant leads by a variety of criteria such as company size, industry, job titles, and more. By automating leads lists, your sales team will be better able to reach the right contacts.

9. Increased engagement.

Close the deal faster by sharing relevant, engaging content to leads. With sales automation software, you can match content to leads based on different factors like industry, location, sales funnel stage, and more.

10. Faster proposal acceptance.

Make document signing a less time consuming and frustrating process by using electronic signatures (commonly referred to as 'e-signatures'). Not only is it convenient for both leads and salespeople, but it also shortens the sales cycle. 

11. Streamlined onboarding.

Once the sale is made, adding one tag can trigger a full onboarding sequence complete with internal notifications. Automatically send questionnaires, request needed information, and introduce the team. Not only does this save them time, but it also makes the whole operation run much smoother.

Sales Automation For Your Business

The right solution allows your sales team to be more productive and increase revenue. Sales & Marketing Technologies can improve your sales funnel and advance your prospects through sales automation and customer relationship management software.
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