Enhancing Customer Service with Marketing Automation

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March 30, 2021

Digital marketing is crucial for staying competitive online, but what makes customers loyal to your business is exceptional customer service. If most of your attention is on gaining new customers, then you can end up losing the customers that you already have — and spending more money unnecessarily. According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring new customers can cost between five and 25 times more than keeping existing ones!
Instead, work smarter by providing a great experience and leveraging time-saving tools like marketing automation to enhance your customer service. Let’s take a closer look at how you can do this.

What is “Exceptional” Customer Service?

Exceptional customer service boils down to consistency in three areas. Having consistent customer service will inspire confidence within customers, eventually turning into trust and then loyalty.
  • Product/Service: Your product or service meets expectations every time.
  • Multi-Channel: Customers receive a consistent experience no matter what channel they use to communicate with you (e.g. phone, email, live chat).
  • Employees: Every employee that customers come in contact with should always provide a good experience.
Consistent customer service is something your team has to work at every day, but it’s worth it to prevent customers from walking away. According to Forbes’ 2020 Achieving Customer Amazement Study, 96% of customers will leave a business due to bad service.

Using Marketing Automation to Enhance Customer Service

Marketing automation allows your business to have an organized streamlined system, freeing up your team from time-consuming tasks to better serve prospects and customers. Here are some ways that automation can enhance your customer service.

Better lead follow-up

One of the fastest ways to lose leads is by not following up with them. With automation, your sales team can receive follow-up reminders or you can set up an automated follow-up sequence to convert more leads into customers.

Easy appointment scheduling

Whether it’s a consultation or a product demo, automation makes it easier to schedule an appointment online instead of going back and forth trying to figure out the best date and time for your prospect or customer.

Improve internal workflow

Automation helps your business have a well-oiled internal workflow, allowing your team to be more responsive to customers’ needs. Resolving common bottlenecks, like confusing processes and miscommunication, are crucial for providing exceptional customer service.

Targeted email campaigns

Create segmented audiences in your marketing automation software based on industry, product, service, interests, etc. After creating your segments, you’ll be able to send out targeted email campaigns that are more relevant and valuable to your prospects/customers, thereby increasing conversions.

Boost Customer Service and Sales with Automation

Automation can enhance customer service in multiple ways, but you can’t completely rely on it to build loyalty. From your product to employee interactions, providing consistent quality is key to retaining more customers. Exceptional customer service takes on-going work and dedication, which is why using marketing automation is an effective tool to help your business do that.
Call 407.682.2222 or schedule a free 30-minute consultation to see how automation can take your customer service and sales to the next level.

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