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Learning to Use CSS Attribute Selectors

CSS Attribute Selectors have been around since CSS2 and expanded as part of CSS3, compatible in all browsers excluding IE6 . Even though they are not new, they continue to be overlooked and under used. Using CSS Attribute Selectors is good practice because you can: Target and style specific attributes / values without adding additional code to markup Maintain more semantic code Update style without needing to access markup With CSS Attribute Selectors it is possible to style specific attributes ...

Does Your Website Have a Responsive Web Design?

Have you ever visited a website and noticed that the site content was poorly formatted or off the page? You tried to make the best of it… by scrolling left to right, top to bottom – but the site is just aggravating. Even worse, on mobile devices or a tablet, such as a smartphone or iPad, the site doesn’t show at all. This is very bad for your customers, as they are most likely going to find another business to service them. But how can we guarantee an exceptional web experience...

Implementing the Security Best Practices of 2015 on Your Website

Website security is an ongoing concern for businesses. Compromised security communications have resulted in large amounts of revenue loss and damaged reputations of small and large companies. While extremely important, because of its technical complexities, many companies running websites ignore or fail to keep themselves informed about the latest developments and the practical ways to protect their websites and their customers’ information. In this article we will provide you with some in...

SEO Starter Kit for New Business Owners

As a new business owner, you may already have your business plan, products and services ready to be released to the world, but you may not have a customer base yet. If you are a business with a physical storefront, your physical location may be your first priority, as it should be. However, after that or perhaps if your business operates solely online, you will need a website in order to drive traffic and attract new customers. Having an aesthetically pleasing website is important, but almost eq...

Do You Have a Strong Web Development Team?

In today’s competitive web market, all companies strive to get a leg-up on the others to win over potential clients. There are many types of web clients; some wanting to be hands-off and allowing the web development professionals to do the work, while other businesses need to manage their sites completely and are simply seeking marketing strategies along the way. One thing is for sure; time has proven that if you want to keep your clients happy or obtain new web development clients, you mu...

What is Periscope and How Are Businesses Using It?

Periscope is a live steaming video app that came out earlier this year with the support of its parent company, Twitter. Plenty of people took notice of the new app; some called it yet another flavor of the month social app. But others of us dove in and discovered what marketers could use the new technology for. Periscope boasts over 10,000,000 users, more than that many individual posts, and impressions of well over 100 billion as of August 19, 2015 according to Salesforce. It’s been a few...

Personal Branding: Facebook Profile or Page…. or Both?

Deciding to market yourself on Facebook is a pretty big commitment. It will require page upkeep, regular posting and in some cases, the ability to navigate Facebook advertising. Thankfully, the advantages of using Facebook to market yourself are just as high. But once you’ve decided that Facebook is right for you, you need to determine whether to move forward using a Facebook Profile, which most people on Facebook operate under, or a Facebook Page. This article isn’t whether to have ...

3 Common Facebook for Business Mistakes

If you haven’t realized the power of social media in scaling your business, you are missing out on incredible potential for company growth. In the last year, there was almost $15 billion spent on Facebook ads, 30 million business pages, and 1.49 billion monthly active users. Facebook has one of the highest influences on the social marketing space currently, and by ignoring its possibilities, you are limiting the amount of success your online marketing can have. The critical thing to rememb...


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