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Historical Blog Optimization: Reviving Your Blog

Blogging has been an integral part of some businesses like ours for many years now. But with the purpose of blogging and Google algorithms changing over that time, it leaves your blog looking very bleak and not bringing you much new traffic or leads. That’s why at Sales & Marketing Technologies, we have started implementing historical optimization by updating old blog content to meet the current standards. What is Historical Blog Optimization? In its simplest form, historical blog opti...

4 Easy Steps for Local Search Optimization

According to Google, an estimated 73 percent of all online activity is related to local searches. Very often, customers turn to the Internet to learn more about local businesses and evaluate what companies they’d like to patronize. For local businesses, this information is key when they are thinking about their overall marketing plan . One way to begin to take advantage of these opportunities is by optimizing your Google local listing. These listings are featured prominently in local SERPs...

What’s Trending in SEO: Long-tail Keyword Optimization

In the early days of search engine optimization SEO people relied on using short phrases or words to find what they were looking for. As the Internet has evolved and websites offer more and more, people and search engines have changed and are relying on longer search queries to find what they’re looking for. For instance, ‘red dress’ might become ‘red strapless cocktail dress’. This change in search habits changes the way that Internet marketers implement SEO on a w...

How Landing Page Optimization Leads to PPC Campaign Success

Pay Per Click PPC campaigns require a lot of work and coordination to have them work properly and bring in more traffic and leads. This includes the landing pages that you are sending the traffic to. If you want to convert that traffic, you’ll need to optimize these pages correctly. You could have the best ads and be targeting the correct keywords, but if you are sending traffic to a landing page that isn’t properly enhanced you aren’t going to convert any traffic. Here are the...

How Content Marketing Helps Local Businesses

In the competitive landscape of online marketing , your local business can still stand out and attract new customers with the use of creative, high-quality content. Having quality content has always been important for converting sales, but Google has become even more sophisticated over the years and now rewards content that is of real interest and value to customers. Creating good content, and sometimes forking out the cash to get it in front of your audience, can be extremely helpful for small ...

How NOT to Use Videos on Your Website

Using videos in your content marketing strategy is becoming even more important in 2015. With social media sites, such as Facebook, pushing video content to the forefront, it is a great way to gather customer attention and provide additional information. The same is true for your website. Video content can help reduce your bounce rate while increasing time spent on your website, which in turn helps your search engine rankings. However, if this is not implemented properly, it can have negative ef...

Is Your PPC Campaign Ready for Mobile?

According to a report from eMarketer, U.S. mobile search ad spending was projected to have grown by 83 percent in 2014. We’ve talked before about how Google’s algorithm is soon to be taking a switch to rewarding mobile-friendly websites in their search rankings, but is your Pay Per Click PPC campaign ready for the mobile shift as well? With more and more competition getting into the mobile advertising game and cost-per-acquisition continuing to rise, the best way to combat this trend...

Local Centroids: How They Affect Local SEO

In the past, centroids, or central points of relevance, were determined by a specific location in a city, such as the town hall. Based on this type of city centroid, many local search-ranking variations could be explained by the distance from the centroid in certain searches. Businesses that were closer to the central hub appeared to experience a ranking advantage. In 2013, local search expert, Mike Blumenthal, updated his view of the centroid with his definition of industry centroids. "If you r...


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