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The Cost of Cheap SEO & Social Media Labor


Like almost everything else in the world, you really get what you pay for when it comes to SEO and social media marketing.  You might want to try to save money, scrimping and cutting corners as it can be costly to launch, maintain, and grow an internet presence for your business.  But think of this internet presence much like the physical building your company is located in – you wouldn't hire a too-cheap or inexperienced contractor to build the building, or look for the cheapest materials possible to construct it with.  Much the same, you wouldn't want to buy the cheapest SEO or social media marketing available, as you get what you pay for.  An inexperienced amateur or too-cheap scammer might promise results that they are incapable of producing.

SEO Problems

When you go the cheap route for your link building campaigns, you will often be stopped by Google Penguin.  Google Penguin is an anti-spam algorithm that helps Google to “punish” sites that use link spam.  Link spam is anything from irrelevant links that you build on your own to links that you have bought.  Many questionable SEO companies that promise cheap results may be employing these questionable practices which will not actually raise your Google ranking.  Instead, you should pick a company that has experience and provides real results by using its network of connections to start a link-building campaign.

Content Marketing Problems

Cheap content is just as bad as cheap link building, and it is affected by another one of Google’s algorithmic updates, Google Panda.  This update moved us from the era of shoddily-written, cheap content to an era where usable, quality content is king.  The content should also be properly optimized for the search engines, as over-optimization and black hat tactics can lead to both cheap content and links that Google does not approve of.

Web Design Problems

Besides cheap content, a cheap web design can affect your business as well, as it could have an effect on the security of your site as well as lead to poor conversion rates.  You want a website that is both pretty and easy to navigate, so users enjoy the page and can easily be converted into customers.

To get a quality website, as well as quality content for the website and even quality links back to the site, you need to pick a quality SEO and web design company.  Sales & Marketing Technologies is Central Florida's most established Internet marketing and web development company. We would love to work with you for all of your web design and search engine optimization needs.  Contact us today for a free quote to learn more!

Author: Julie Ruebush

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