Reputation Management

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Online rumors and stories can spread like wildfire. Do you know how to find and track what is being said about your company? Would you even know what to do if you found negative postings about your company? Sales & Marketing Technologies does.

Your company image, which you have spent a lifetime and a fortune to build, can be trashed by a single blogger upset with your company. What may seem like no big deal from one blogger can be picked up by another blogger, and then another, quickly spreading. Next thing you know you have a real problem.

Just ask Kryptonite Locks if they wish they had been paying attention to what was happening on blogs and forums and protecting their search engine reputation through Reputation Management.

In a recent poll 77% of people believe blogs provide a good way to get information about a company or product, 33% of journalist say they use blogs to find the hot story.  People are searching for information about your company whether you know it or not.

Blogs, forums, wikis, video, audio and multimedia posts all fall under one umbrella - Consumer Generated Media (CGM).  Shoppers researching a purchase will often search out these types of sources to get actual consumer opinions about the product or service you’re trying to sell and if you’re not protecting your online reputation you don’t know what your customers are going to find.

Sales & Marketing Technologies Early Warning service can alert you to what others are saying about your company. So you can respond instead of react to a potential reputation crisis.

Let Sales & Marketing Technologies help you monitor your company's online reputation. It is an inexpensive service that can help you protect your company's most important asset.

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