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How Important Are Meta tags?

Page Title

The page title is probably the most important on-page factor for search engine optimization. A properly optimized page title can help improve rankings as well as possibly increasing the click-through-rate on the organic search listing.

Description Meta Tag

The description meta tag is important as well. Most of the search engines use a snippet of the description meta when displaying the site in organic search rankings. The description meta can also influence the click-through-rate for your listing. Some of the search engines will also pull this snippet from the on-page content as well. This happens when the on-page content matches closely to the user’s search query.

Keyword Meta Tag

The keyword meta tag used to be a factor that affected SEO. It has since been announced by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, that these keyword metas are no longer being used in Google’s search algorithm. This doesn’t mean that the other meta information above isn’t still important.

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