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What is Digital marketing?  There are a number of things which fall under that heading, such as:

The Digital marketing strategy consultants at Sales & Marketing Technologies can assist you or your in-house marketing team in creating or updating your overall marketing strategies to include the latest pieces of the Digital marketing pie.

Understanding the ever changing landscape that is the Internet is critical to a business’ online success. Knowing there is more to being online then just having a website is the first step in a process that takes planning and commitment to make it work for you.

Sales & Marketing Technologies has over 20 years in the marketing world and over half of it maintaining a finger on the pulse of the Internet. Understanding how the search engines work and how to best harness them to drive leads and sales to our client’s websites has been our goal.  By utilizing us as your Digital marketing strategy consultants, you know you are getting a partner that knows their business and that will take the time to get to know yours. We build plans customized to what you do and what your goals are. We are not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of operation.  

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