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How to Build a Solid B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Updated: June 3, 2019 One of the toughest challenges in building a successful B2B internet marketing strategy is figuring out where to start. This can be especially challenging for B2B companies, because the marketplace is mostly geared towards promoting B2C products and services. Building a solid B2B digital marketing strategy is vital to a company’s overall marketing plan. Over the years, we have uncovered some key areas to help B2B businesses improve their online presence, while increas...

How ‘Position Zero’ in Google Search Impacts Your Website’s Traffic

Is your drop in traffic a true indicator of less visibility in search results? Or is it merely because you’re showing up more prominently? In the past, we’ve talked about Google’s search interface changes and how they impact the overall search results - like our article breaking down how to get in Google’s Answer Box also known as a Featured Snippet or 'Position Zero' . How to Get A Featured Snippet in Google's Answer Box While getting featured can lead to more click-thro...

Is Facebook the New Local Search Engine?

Facebook started allowing Business Pages on their social media platform back in 2007, but it didn’t necessarily help with the discoverability of your business at that time. It wasn’t until 2014 that they launched their new and improved version of the Places directory and local business search became a focal point for Facebook as a way to compete with Foursquare and Yelp - which kicked off a new way to search for businesses on the platform. Are you utilizing your Facebook Business Pag...

3 Types of Promotions That Help Grow Your Business

Updated: 5/7/19 There are an infinite number of ways to promote your products and services. That makes planning your promotions seem a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to pick the right type of promotion for your business. The key to running a good promotion for your business is to choose exactly what you want your audience to do, and then design your promotion to encourage that behavior. There are 3 key promotional categories: · Acquisition · Monetization ·...

Why You Should Be Including Social Proof in Your Marketing

Looking for ways to boost your credibility online or capitalize on positive mentions of your company? In this article we break down why and how to incorporate social proof into your internet marketing efforts. Why Should You Include Social Proof in Your Marketing? The term social proof was coined by prominent psychologist and author Robert Cialdini. He described it as a psychological and social phenomenon that leads people to mimic the actions of others in a given situation. Essentially, when pe...

Why Page Speed Matters for Search Engine Optimization

The web is moving faster than ever – literally, according to Google. Google announced that it would be releasing its official Google Speed Update back in July 2018, and since then they’ve seen some drastic changes. After Google gave site owners notice of the update in January of 2018, Google saw that that the slowest one-third of traffic had performance metrics improve by 15% to 20% in 2018. In contrast, it saw zero improvements in 2017. That’s a pretty vast improvement for a l...

Top 5 Web Design Metrics to Consider

Updated 4/16/19 In the world of web design there are a lot of trends and fads that come and go, but some aspects of web design remain relevant and critical to any project. While staying up-to-date is important for aesthetic reasons, these metrics are the basics for user-experience UX . 1. Compatibility There are a few types of compatibility to take into account when analyzing this web metric. First of all, there is the obvious lesson that Internet Explorer has taught us, not all browsers behave ...

10 Amazing FAQ Page Examples and Why You Need One

Frequently asked question FAQ pages not only serve as a way for your audience to quickly find answers to the questions that they many have about your business or industry, but they also serve another important purpose – they can help your search engine optimization efforts. FAQ pages have been gaining traction as a marketing tool again with the growth in voice search, mobile search and personal/home assistants and speakers. That’s because these types of search results usually rely on...

Facebook to Add New Relevancy Metrics for Ads – How This Helps Your Campaigns

A few years ago, Facebook introduced the Relevance Score as an attempt to ‘grade’ your ads on how relevant they are to your target audience. Unfortunately, it was not always clear exactly how this scoring system worked and it left many users confused on how to improve their scores, which was a pretty big deal considering these scores seemed to have some impact on the performance of your Facebook ads. Now Facebook is rolling out a new system to show advertisers how their ads are perfo...

5 Ways to Simplify Your Complex Content

The goal is simple: sell more of your products or services. However, sometimes your product or service isn’t exactly the easiest thing to explain. If you have a complicated subject matter to cover, it can be tricky to find the ideal balance of explaining things in the simplest terms and not bore readers right off your website. So how do you make complex content or boring subjects easy to understand and exciting for your target audience? 1. Avoid Jargon/Complex Words Might seem like a no-br...


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