15 Social Media Usage Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

January 24, 2017

If you don’t think your customers are reachable via social media, think again. These social media usage stats will blow your mind. If you can’t see opportunity in these numbers, you need to call Sales & Marketing Technologies immediately so we can show you. You can’t afford to be left behind.

1. 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook.

2. Facebook continues to be the most widely used social media platform, with 79% of American Internet users.

3. Instagram comes in second with 32% of users, Pinterest in a close third with 31%, and LinkedIn and Twitter at 29% and 24% respectively.

4. 76% of U.S. adults on Facebook use it every day.


5. 51% of Instagram users access the platform daily, and 35% say they look at the platform several times per day.

6. Almost 80% of time spent on social media platforms happens on mobile.

7. 59% of Americans with social media accounts think that customer service through social media has made it easier to get questions answered and issues resolved.

8. 93% of Pinterest users use the platform to plan or make purchases.

9. 100 million hours of video content are watched on Facebook daily.

10. Over 400 million snaps are shared on Snapchat per day, and almost 9,000 photos are shared every second.

11. LinkedIn has more than 450 million user profiles.

12. YouTube reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.

13. 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day.

14. Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks than tweets without images.

15. According to Facebook, posts that include a photo album, picture or video generate about 180%, 120% and 100% more engagement, respectively.

Extra fun fact:
Pizza is the most widely instagrammed food, directly ahead of steak and sushi.

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