5 Tips for Growing Your Retargeting List with PPC

April 19, 2016

Whether you are looking to expand your list for email marketing, Facebook retargeting, or even for pay-per-click (PPC) remarketing, growing your list via paid channels gives you the opportunity to quickly and effectively add more leads into your funnel.

In order to get these leads, your PPC campaigns will need to be on point. Keywords will need to be meticulously chosen, ad copy will need to be cleverly written, and budgets and other settings will need to be carefully adjusted. And even when you have a system that is pulling in good results, continual tweaks are needed to maintain campaign success.

So here are our 5 tips for enhancing your PPC to grow your list:

1. Choose Your Keywords Wisely

The keywords you choose can truly make or break your campaign. Using the wrong keywords could lead to people clicking on your ads, but ultimately not being interesting in what you’re actually selling; costing you money, without gaining any leads.

2. Improve Your Landing Page

Another major component to PPC success is the optimization of the page where you’re sending visitors. Not only does landing page optimization affect user experience, but it also helps determine the quality score of your ads. Quality Score is looking at the quality of your keywords, ad copy, and landing page, as well as historical performance of your account. A good quality score can lower costs and improve rankings.

See how to better optimize your landing pages in our latest article:

3. Utilize Site Links and Ad Extensions

Site links are great for sending people to the exact page they are looking for. This creates a better user experience, while also taking up additional space on the search engine results page. This also gives you a good way to test different calls to action in order to attract users and get that click.

4. Optimize Bids

The day-to-day tweaks to your PPC campaigns include adjusting your budget and bids. For top-converting keywords, it is important to keep them at the top of search engine pages by adjusting your bids to keep them competitive. For keywords that aren’t performing well, but are still important to include, use features like Google’s “first page bid estimate” to lower bids to the bottom of the first page and reduce spend.

5. Diversify Your Strategy

After a recent change in Google’s search page layout, there is now less real estate for paid ads. This switch hasn’t caused a major jump in advertising costs but it does bring up the point that housing all of your marketing budget in one area is never a great idea. Other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, and even social media channels like Facebook, offer advertising solutions that can add a lot to your PPC campaign.

Building your list is great when starting your marketing strategy, and using PPC is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build your list. From there, you can communicate with them to either gain them as a customer, or to continue your relationship and have them purchase from you again.

If you need help with your PPC setup and optimization or growing your email list, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies by calling (407) 682-2222 or using the contact form below.

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