Could Your Company Benefit from Video Marketing?

June 18, 2013

Have you considered implementing video marketing for your company?  Putting together videos is a great way to show your audience what your company is really about. 

Here are some quick tips on how to put together great videos to help market your business:

• Don’t be afraid – one of the biggest hurdles to creating video marketing is fear – fear your audience won’t like it, or fear that you won’t like how you come across on camera.  But you won’t know until you try!

• Publish regularly – don’t just publish one video and then fall off the map – the best video marketing strategies involve publishing videos on a consistent basis

• Collaborate with others – instead of focusing on one person telling a story, work with others to create content that shows real world scenarios, making the video more interesting

• Interview others – whether it’s other employees within the business or experts at trade shows, interviews are a great way to make videos more interesting

• Create a tutorial – whether it’s how to use the products you are selling or how to navigate your website to achieve results, tutorials are often watched by visitors because they are purpose-driven

• Start a conversation – use the video to create a “question and answer” forum by asking your customers or clients to submit questions, then answer them on film

• Run a contest – have users submit videos for a prize, and include them on the site

• Optimize your video – before placing your video onto your website, make sure it has an engaging title, includes keywords in the description, links back to your site, and is easily sharable so it has the chance of going viral

If you need help with your video marketing efforts, or any other type of digital marketing, contact the professionals at Sales & Marketing Technologies today.

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