Display Google Base Products in Google Adwords

May 5, 2009

Google introduced a new feature for Google Adwords advertisers this past week. The new feature allows advertisers to integrate their existing Google Base products into their current Adwords campaigns. By integrating your Google Base products into your Adwords account you will be able to gain additional exposure for your product listings. Once integrated you will see a expandable "Show products from COMPANY NAME" link right under the Adwords ad. Clicking this link displays three products with product title, price, product image, and a short description.

I have seen these "Show products from..." links being displayed in the top three Adwords groups as well as down the left hand side. It does not look to be limited to one advertiser, as I have seen multiple Adword ads with the "Show products from..." link. It looks as though the integrating of Google Adwords and Google Base is limited to a few advertisers in the United States currently. Here are some screen shots.


For more information about how PPC campaigns can get instant exposure for your products or services, see our article on the topic. 

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Response to: Display Google Base Products in Google Adwords
Friday, June 26, 2009
robb says:

Trying to do some research about using adwords to promote products that I have for sale in my google base account. However, I'm trying to drop ship these products through doba. Is that even possible? When you create an add in adsense you must enter a website right? If you are just selling through base then you don't have a website. I am currently trying to send people to my sales blog to see if I can get around this and then have people to click through to the google base site to purchase the products. Any feedback?

Response to: Display Google Base Products in Google Adwords
Monday, January 4, 2010
Google Review says:

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