Do You Have a Strong Web Development Team?

October 27, 2015

In today’s competitive web market, all companies strive to get a “leg-up” on the others to win over potential clients. There are many types of web clients; some wanting to be “hands-off “and allowing the web development professionals to do the work, while other businesses need to manage their sites completely and are simply seeking marketing strategies along the way.

One thing is for sure; time has proven that if you want to keep your clients happy or obtain new web development clients, you must give the customer what they want, when they want it, and at a competitive price.

How a Strong Web Development Team Can Help

One of the common denominators in this process is having a strong web development team. A strong web team works well together and has vast amounts of modern day tools, tricks, and experience. But it doesn’t stop there. Web teams must be efficient and anticipate the customers’ needs to give them what they really want - a spectacular user experience, higher search engine rankings, and an all-encompassing online marketing strategy so they can gain more customers and have a better return on investment (ROI).

Because of this, web developers need to know their stuff! Otherwise, it ends up costing you more money and time. Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) has Microsoft certified developers who have dedicated their careers to serving the web community, allowing clients to reach their full online potential.

Here are some questions to ponder when choosing a web development team:

Design Capabilities

1. What does their online portfolio look like?

2. Do you like what they have designed and developed for past clients?

3. How does their site look? Can you navigate it with ease or find what you are looking for?

4. Are there references, testimonials or recommendations?

5. Can you find good contact information about them?


6. Do the developers and designers build your website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind?

7. How well do they understand the importance of SEO?

8. Do they do SEO in house, or hire a third party?

9. Are they Google Adwords Certified?

Website Development

10. How do they plan to build your website?

11. Will they build it in a CMS (Content Management System)? If so, what CMS are they using?

Other Offerings

12. Do they offer photography?

13. Do they offer content writing?

14. Do they offer hosting and domain purchasing?

15. Do they offer custom programming?

16. Do they offer custom logo branding?

17. Do they offer custom graphics?


18. Will you be able to work with them?

19. Do you enjoy their personality/company culture?

20. Do they communicate well with you?


21. Does the work proposal look professional?

22. Is there a sitemap included?

23. Is there an estimate of completion?

24. Is everything you requested in the proposal?

25. Does it enlist how many revisions you are allowed to make?


26. What are their maintenance and updating options?

27. What maintenance plans do they have?

28. Do they have a CMS option so you can maintain/update it?


29. What do they offer for pricing?

30. Did the proposal fit within the realms of the budget you set?

31. Is the pricing fair in comparison to what you will receive for work?

32. How do they charge? Hourly or Project based?

Sales & Marketing Technologies’ Web Development Team

At SMT, we do just that. We have a rich set of easy-to-use web management tools for clients to delve into and manage their own sites if that’s what they prefer. Our custom sites are built to be fully responsive for all browsers and the mobile world. Additionally, our sites also offer the ability to:

  • Preview and roll-back content changes in the event of mistakes or if you want to revert a page to a specific promotion you’ve had running in the past
  • Manage rich image banners across your home page giving you the ability to promote your products and services 
  • And much, much more

We have many examples of our development work online. To see some of the websites we’ve built, view the Our Work section of our website.

The bottom line – the SMT Orlando web development team truly cares about our operations, development, response times, and how we support web marketing to satisfy our customers. If you don’t have a web development team, or they are not capable of handling your web development needs, call SMT or contact us online today for a free consultation about your website and current online marketing performance.

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