Dual Authority – Dual Inline Site Links

April 1, 2009

UPDATE: Sitelinks have evolved since this post was published. To learn more about what sitelinks are, how they can help your site, and how to implement changes to your website's code to help Google recognize these links, watch this informative video from Matt Cutts.

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We have seen for a few different searches today where Google has begun showing multiple sites on the same search with site links.  

It appears as if Google is splitting the 8 site links it normally gives high authority sites to 4 inline site links each if the two sites both qualify as high authority for the search.

The example below is for the search – Search Engine

Update 4/2/09:

Brent Nau noticed another form of inline site links today, using the search for Digital marketing blog, Hubspot has 3 sitelinks with a number next to them.  It appears the number represents the number of posts within that blog category.


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Response to: Dual Authority – Dual Inline Site Links
Thursday, April 2, 2009
malcolm coles says:

And I've found it giving inline sitelinks to THREE sites now: http://www.malcolmcoles.co.uk/blog/google-shows-triple-inline-sitelinks/

Response to: Dual Authority – Dual Inline Site Links
Thursday, December 17, 2009
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