Facebook Describes How Its Search Results Work

February 5, 2019

Google has long provided some insights into how their search rankings are determined, but Facebook has been another story.

Now with the company taking steps to be more transparent, they’ve released a short explainer video with new details about how their search results work. Within the less than 2-minute long video, they crammed in a lot of information.

Here’s what it revealed.

How Does Facebook Search Work?

Rather than based on various performance and quality efforts like Google, Facebook’s search is primarily influenced by people’s activity on Facebook. What people do off Facebook has no impact on its internal search results.

When a user searches on Facebook the results are ranked based on their activity on Facebook, and activity of the overall community.

Facebook activity that influences search results includes:

  • What your friends share with you

  • Pages you follow

  • Groups you’ve joined

  • Events you’ve liked or followed

  • Things you’ve interacted with in your News Feed

  • Information you’ve listed on your profile

  • Places where you’ve been tagged

  • Previous searches you’ve done

Facebook search results are also based on general Facebook community activity, including the popularity of what’s being searched for and how recently it was posted.

You can watch the entire explainer video here.

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

What this means for businesses is that your Page won’t show in the results based solely on how complete your Page is or how many keywords it includes. But that’s not to say that an attractive and complete Page doesn’t help in an indirect way.

For example, the more attractive and engaging your Page is the more likely people are going to interact with your Page and share your content, leading to higher search rankings.

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