Facebook Graph Search Updates

October 22, 2013

Facebook recently announced that it will be allowing users to search posts and status updates within its graph search. What does this mean for your search?

Now, you will be able to ask questions like:

• Posts I have commented on
• My posts from the last year
• Posts by my friends this month
• Posts from my friends about [a television show, movie, event, etc.]

And receive detailed results, including both posts and status updates from you and your friends. So how can you use this to your advantage?

With Facebook Graph Search, a business can:

• Improve the quality of their content
• Identify their fans
• Identify their fans’ and competitors’ fans’ interests
• Identify potential business partnerships
• Identify friends who may be interested in your business

How can these things be done?

For example, you can type in a query asking “Favorite interests of people who like [Your Page]” or “Pages liked by people who like [Your Page]”. You can also run similar queries using your competitors’ page names instead of your own to get insight into the market as a whole.

If you need help running your business's social media marketing, or understanding how you can utilize Facebook Graph Search, contact Sales & Marketing Technologies today!

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