Facebook Introduces Graph Search

March 7, 2013

Facebook is continuing to stay on top of innovations, recently rolling out a test of its new “Graph Search” capability.  Graph search will be an excellent tool for many businesses that utilize Facebook, as it allows your company to analyze and act on new information about your customers that you previously did not have access to.

First and foremost, you’ll want to turn on Facebook Graph Search – you can do so by signing up here: https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch

Once you have signed up, it may take a few days for Graph Search to turn on, as it is still in the beginning testing phases.  Once it has been activated, Facebook will require you to go through a short tutorial that will allow you to better understand the logistics of the new search features.

From there, the options are endless.  There are a few specific ways you can use it to better understand the demographics of people who may like your business, though.  For example, let’s call your business “XYZ, Inc”.  In graph search, you might perform a generic search, asking “things that have been liked by fans of XYZ, Inc” in order to better understand which businesses, hobbies, TV shows, or anything else your fans have liked. 

You can also get more specific with your searches, asking graph search, for example, “Music that is liked by fans of XYZ, Inc”.  You can also ask for lists of places visited by inputting “Places that fans of XYZ, Inc have been”.  The latter two options can be great tools to help springboard competitions or contests you may run – i.e. you may see that a lot of your fans enjoy a certain genre of music, and give away tickets to a concert from this genre, or you may see that many have visited a restaurant and offer a give away involving a gift card there.

As Graph Search becomes more popular with Facebook users, you will surely be able to discover more and creative ways to use it. At Sales & Marketing Technologies we are always searching for the next big thing that will help unlock your potential to thrive online. For more information on how Facebook's changes can effect your social media marketing strategy, contact us today.

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